You promised me that I wouldn't lose her, I'm promising you the same thing.


The fact that you don't remember is exactly how it's possible.


I need you to tell me that it's not true. Tell me that you haven't been lying to me, every moment of the last 13 years.


I think that you might be my father.

Maddie [to Deacon]

I don't know. I know know what I want. I'm not even sure what we had.


Grieve? What are you talking about? I should be celebrating that it's finally over!


My mother's the drug addict murderer, not me. She has taken enough of my life and she's not gonna take this. Not when I have fought this hard to get here!


Rayna: What happened to you?
Teddy: I took your father's advice, and I grew a pair.

What you haven't seen is somebody who can rope a steer.


That is a very ballsy thing to say to your boss. You are lucky you're cute enough to get away with it.


Honey that perfume you're wearing is 80 proof.

Rayna (to Juliette)

All that mundane stuff, that's pretty much just what I've been waiting for.


Nashville Season 1 Quotes

Deacon: Rayna took her knocks.
Juliette: What? In a mansion in Belle Meade?

Maddie: ...and side boob.
Rayna: Side, what the hell did you just say?