Liam: What's goin' on with you? Why don't you just tell me?
Rayna: Oh, alright, let's see. My husband asked me for a divorce, and I have to go home and tell my children, which is going to ruin their lives. Deacon kissed me in an elevator and I'm on tour with Juliette Barnes. So, cheers.

I'm a friend, Glenn, and no matter what we do, she's gonna make mistakes. She's a young artist.


Yeah, it just feels right being with you. I mean, honestly, Peggy, it's the only time I ever feel like myself anymore.


Dominic, I do trust you. But you got me reachin' for a sound that just ain't me.


Glenn: Really? You want me to say I'm fine with all this craziness?
Juliette: No. I want you to say yes ma'am.

Twenty years. I've never seen her miss a cue.


Man, I didn't make it this far foldin' up like a tent when things get bad.


I'm a grown up. Apparently my audience is willing to grow with me.


Rayna! I'm done talking.


You picked a hell of a time to start taking my advice.


Juliette: Takes a lot of people to make a good show.
Deacon: Really? Johnny Cash only needed three.

All I wanna do is win you back.


Nashville Season 1 Quotes

Deacon: Rayna took her knocks.
Juliette: What? In a mansion in Belle Meade?

Maddie: ...and side boob.
Rayna: Side, what the hell did you just say?