I just wanted to say that I wish you had told me about all this, instead of you being so angry with me all of these years. Cause that's what it felt like, it just felt like you were mad at me all the time and I realized that you were probably just mad at mom. And I don't blame you for that, I just feel like we missed our life together...


Rayna: I did have a mouth on me.
Deacon: Some things never change.

Dante: I never meant to drive a wedge between you and your mom.
Juliette: You didn't. It was already there, trust me.

Juliette: You know what? Rayna is not my family. And let me tell you something, she ain't yours either!
Deacon: Yes she is.

The only true way to get over death is to tempt it a little.


I'm not feeling much of anything right now. I'm just kinda empty I guess, about everything.


The truth is, I wanted her to die.


If I'd known they were that good, I might not have asked them to join the stage with me.


Should's not the right word when it comes to music.


Deacon's having a birthday party? What are they doing a public screening of Old Yeller?


I'd love to forget about my past but it ain't gonna forget about me.


Rayna: You're the guy with no strings attached.
Liam: No strings? We made half an album together. We're practically married.

Nashville Season 1 Quotes

Deacon: Rayna took her knocks.
Juliette: What? In a mansion in Belle Meade?

Maddie: ...and side boob.
Rayna: Side, what the hell did you just say?