You couldn't wait for me. And you didn't.


Think of Edgehill like your marriage. The only way to get through it is to fantasize about someone else.


Lose the "the" and "band." From now on it's just Avery Barkley.


Sean: I just think we should talk about it. That's what normal married people do.
Juliette: Talk about arena tours and football careers.

You know, it seems to me you need me right now every bit as much as I might need you. You in?


Can we just get this over with please? I've got a hot husband at home and a beautiful honeymoon to plan.


I wanted to thank you. You changed my life that night at the bluebird. And if I'm gonna lose someone, I'm glad it's not you.


Juliette: You should be happy that I'm even here to expand your fanbase.
Rayna: I thought we were here because the parents of your fans don't want them looking up to a shoplifter?

Marshall: It's not a request.
Rayna: Well I don't take orders.

Rule number one when a relationship ends, you've gotta get yourself out of the damn house.


How long does he expect me to wait? He's not running a country.


All work and no play, that sounds like no fun.


Nashville Season 1 Quotes

Deacon: Rayna took her knocks.
Juliette: What? In a mansion in Belle Meade?

Maddie: ...and side boob.
Rayna: Side, what the hell did you just say?