Principal: Are you not going to do the GED?
Debbie: What job can I get without it?
Principal: Sex worker.

Lip [To Ian]: Hey, you, uh, get rid of the dude with the lady parts?
Trevor: Wow, Trevor.

Lucas: I like my room.
Sierra: Yeah, me too.

Debbie: Are there guns in the house?
Lucas: I have a water gun.
Debbie: I mean a real gun, Lucas.

Morning, chief, would my apache brother like toast, or does he only eat maize?


Debbie: Neil?
Neil: What? I was going to say something nice. You have a great ass, it makes up for your small tits.
Fiona: Thanks!

Fiona: Debs is just overreacting like always.
Lip: She thinks it will solve all her problems.
Fiona: DCFS is not going to take her baby away.
She's just trying to get her shit together.

What the fuck is an honor code?


Fiona: Is that a new washer getting delivered to Frank?
Carl: Even the homeless get better stuff than us.

Woman: Who is married to whom?
Kev, Svetlana and V: We're married.

Carl: I told them I was part black, they didn't believe me.
Dom's Dad: You want me to vouch for your black-ness?

I am kept woman. You want good life, find someone to keep you.


Shameless Quotes

We’re all addicts Fiona, trying to fill a void. Some of us are just better at hiding it, right?


Ian: Hey Fiona? I'm gay.
Fiona: I know.