Dean: I’m gonna go after them.
Vic: What?
Dean: I’m going to go after them through the damn courts. It’s risky, I know, but there is no other option. Three Black girls were already missing from Joyce’s neighborhood, and the cops did nothing. They arrested her in front of her daughter on false charges, and only dropped those charges because somebody filmed it, and that is not enough. That is not enough. That girl is permanently traumatized. That mother is permanently traumatized. And if we only chalk it up to a systemic problem without action, if we don’t name the individuals who support this system, if we don’t fight them, then nothing changes. Nothing changes. We fight fires. We run into burning buildings. We defy the odds. We save lives, and this is no different. It’s just a different kind of fire.

Andy: You’re seriously worried about me?
Sullivan: Andy, you married a battalion chief.
Andy: I married the man I love. Your title is so entirely beside the point. Look, all I care about is that you’re OK. I cannot handle anymore loss, and that sounds selfish, but I’m feeling selfish. This day, inspection day, it makes me feel the loss of my dad all over again. He loved inspection day. And yesterday, those awful cops, that whole thing made me feel the loss of Ryan all over again, and watching you with guns pulled on you… I put up a strong front Robert, but I feel brittle. I feel like a strong wind could break me. Did your sponsor really say it was OK for us to be together?
Sullivan: He said it was OK as long as you don’t make me want to use drugs.
Andy: And do I?
Sullivan: The only drug you make me want to use is you.
Andy: I want to come home to you.
Sullivan: I want you to come home to me.

Vic: I am so angry. I am so angry I can’t calm down, and I’m so sad. I’m literally vibrating. I can’t bounce back. I’m trying. I’m trying, but… Travis, I am so tired of trying.
Travis: Then don’t, Vic. Then don’t. You don’t have to calm down. You don’t have to bounce back. Just don’t.

Andy: This inspection defines your role as captain…
Maya: As the first female captain of 19. I’m aware, but I can’t play by the rules I witnessed yesterday. The whole first female captain thing implies that if I don’t play by every single rule then I’m failing, and if I don’t do this job like the men before me did it, then I’m not up for the task, but I played by every single rule yesterday. I went against my gut, and those girls had to set a fire to save their lives because I was playing by the rules because I was worried about how it would look on paper. And these people, these disgusting, soulless human beings are kidnapping children and holding them hostage and selling them, and there is something more that we can do. So I’m gonna show up. I’m a first responder. I’m gonna respond, and if that means it’s my last day as the first female captain, then I can live with that.

Carina: If we follow her onto the train, we won’t know where she’s going.
DeLuca: What other option is there? Just let her go?
Carina: But Ben won’t know where to meet us.
DeLuca: We can text Ben from the train.
Carina: They have her license plate now. They can find her.
DeLuca: We don’t even know if that’s her car. We don’t know her name. I can’t live with that. Carina, I’m going. Are you coming or not?
Carina: Yes, I am.

Jack: I don’t know how to help Dean. He’s my best friend, and I’ve been avoiding him ‘cause I know I’m not who he wants to talk to today, but I want to help. I want to say, ‘I’m sorry.’ I want to throw back some beers with him and get him to laugh it off.
Ben: No, no.
Jack: I know.
Ben: But you don’t know. You don’t know this particular pain. You don’t know this ache. You don’t get it.
Jack: We work with cops on every call. There are a lot of good cops out there.
Ben: Definitely do not say that to him because yesterday you saw how some of those good cops treat Black men when they don’t have firefighter uniforms on. You had to see that. You had to see the difference.
Jack: So how do I help him?
Ben: Give him room. Don’t ask him to talk about his feelings, and don’t make him have to listen to yours. And don’t try to make him laugh. You’ve survived this long by finding humor in the hardships. You’ll know when he gets there. And don’t you try to get him there. If you try to get him there, that’s just dismissing his reality and disrespecting his experience. This is a big deal. Let him have his feelings. Stop avoiding him and just have his back like a friend. Just don’t make it about you.

Aren’t we going to wait for the cops like you made me wait yesterday? I told you what was going on in that house. I told you I wanted to go in, but no, you ignored that Black mother’s cries because you waited on a cop that refused to help her. Those girls had to set a fire to get your attention when you… you could have just had my back.


DeLuca: I’m not manic, OK.
Carina: I wasn’t thinking that. I just don’t think all this belongs on your shoulders.
DeLuca: You know the only difference between our father and I is that I’m actually trying to make up for my failures, so, yes, this is on me. I have to make it right.
Carina: Andrea, our dad killed four people in the operating room because he didn’t want to take care of his mental health. Even when you’re manic you’re a brilliant doctor. You diagnosed Dr. Weber’s rare condition in the middle of a manic episode.
DeLuca: And the only reason anyone listened to me is because of Meredith. Meredith knows me, and she believed me when no one else did. Even you didn’t believe me. When Opal had Erin at the hospital, and Opal got away. She just walked out of the hospital because of me, because I was unstable, because I was untrustworthy. And now two more girls are hurt because of me. So yeah, I can’t… I won’t let this happen again.
Carina: You’re not like him. Not at all. Not even a little.

I don’t know how to process what I saw yesterday. My best friend was a cop. I know how hard his job was. I know how often he was just terrified, and I know cops can be targets. I was always on his side. Cops and firefighters were always on each other’s side, but what I saw yesterday, I saw it with different eyes. I’m married to a Black man now, and I saw it with different eyes.


Maya: So your plan is just to follow her?
DeLuca: No, my plan is to not let this woman kidnap and torture other teenagers.
Carina: If we can follow her to a location or her home or something at least we can give the police an address.
Maya: Carina, this is crazy. You can’t just follow some stranger all over the streets of Seattle.

Travis: So are we talking about it?
Dean: Nope.
Travis: Are you sure?
Dean: I would rather literally do anything else.

Andy: You OK?
Sullivan: This has happened to me a lot. I’ve had guns drawn on me before. It’s exhausting.

Station 19 Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Andy: You OK?
Sullivan: This has happened to me a lot. I’ve had guns drawn on me before. It’s exhausting.

Vic: Wait, did they drop all charges against her too?
Ben: If they did it’s only because someone filmed it.
Travis: How vile do you have to be to lock up the mother of a kidnapped kid?
Andy: And the firefighters who rescued the kidnapped kids.
Dean: The Black firefighter. Just the Black male firefighters.