I’m looking forward to being douche mates.


I’d say you should see the other guy, Mike, but there were three of them.


In here, we use the buddy system and you left your buddy alone.


Mike: How about you take it up with the cook?
Frank: How about I take it up with you?

No, but you got some bullshit in your brain.


I don't give a shit why you did it.


You owe me thirteen years. I'm going to collect!


Oh, and I'm black in here.


Rachel: I don't know what to say.
Donna: Say thank you, Rachel and get your ass up there.

Louis: Holy shit, this is the best thing ever. I love both of you so much.
Harvey [To Jessica]: This is all your doing.
Jessica: Harvey, we're making progress.
Louis: Shit, this is the best egg roll ever.
Jessica: Christ, get me out of here.

No, Harvey, he went to prison to save all of us and now you're walking out on us.


Louis: Where the hell are you going?
Donna: Where do you think I'm going? I'm going home, Louis.
Louis: Don't you get it? They're all gone. Every single one of them.
Donna: Yeah, we knew that already.

Suits Quotes

Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


Henry Gerard is the one person you respected and didn’t respect you.