Aram: You know what I was thinking on the way over? We should take a trip, all of us.
Park: Someone just tried to blow up Reddington. So maybe next week?

Aram: When I first heard about psychedelic therapy, I expected something more ...
Dr. Idigbe: Tie-dye and trans music?

Harold: How's Weecha?
Red: Tenacious. I didn't expect her to last the first night let alone three.

I may be disabled but I'm not a hyprocrite.

Park [to Aram]

I took a minute to remember what's important to me. And you, Donald, are high on that list.

Harold [to Ressler]

Park: On the bright side, I can hear and see again. But that would be the only bright side.
Dembe: I've been all over the neighborhood. No sign of Laszlo ... or his lion.

Jankowicz: Now I know why they call you the Concierge of Crime.
Red: Do they? Well, I'm a problem solver.

Nothing loosens a tight sphincter like an eight-hour acid trip.

Red [to Harold]

Harold: Have you thought anymore about giving [Aram] another chance?
Red: I have. And I'm sorry, Harold, but I just don't trust him. He's simply wound too tight.

Red: I should have called.
Maureen: You should have. But I wouldn't have answered, mostly because I don't have a phone.

Your roommate weaponized my code in a dorm room?

Aram [to Antonio]

Apparently guacamole is the new angel dust.


The Blacklist Quotes

If you want your enemy to become your friend, create a problem for them and then solve it.

Mr. Kaplan

Marvin: You know, Raymond, I am not surprised that you did not anticipate the raid. You have been distracted.
Red: Looking for the person responsible for Elizabeth's death is hardly a distraction.