Hey! The Bistro Food Truck is officially open for business.


Cassie: You know, you are focused too much on the negative.
Abigail: That's because everything happening to me right now is negative.
Cassie: Well, you can't have a positive life with a negative mind.

It is absolutely imperative that the Middleton Treasure is unearthed in the next 24 hours so that I can announce its discovery during Founders Day!


Sometimes when you stop racing, you actually win the race.


We climb mountains not so the world can see us but so we can see the world.


Cassie: Sometimes our earliest dreams are the best ones.
Sam: And sometimes they're just the random thoughts of a teenager.

Sam: Do you remember having goals in high school?
Adam: Yeah, to graduate. How about you?
Sam: Well, according to my yearbook, I wanted to make a great discovery.
Adam: Well, you checked that box!
Sam: Did I?
Adam: I'll leave that for you to discover.

Dottie: Donovan has been driving that thing for 15 years. He hasn't had an accident until now.
Abigail: It's not the curse.
Dottie: Do you have a better explanation?
Abigail: I have a logical explanation. It was an accident.
Dottie: We don't need any more accidents.
Abigail: It's a little too crowded for me here. I think I'll come back in the morning.
Dottie: I can tell how much you care about him. Please, stay away!

Tom: Let me ask you something. Are you married to the love of your life?
Sam: I am.
Tom: Then you've already won.
Sam: I guess I have.
Tom: So take your time. Have fun. Marriage is an adventure.

Abigail: It's just dinner.
Donovan: With Dottie Davenport, it's never just dinner.

Luke: Grace, there's something I need to tell you. Um...
Grace: Hey, it's OK. Just say it.

Cassie, it just dawned on me. Our little staycation is actually a Grey-cation!


Good Witch Quotes

You know, you can teach someone how to make a dress, Grace, but you can't teach them to create one.

Mrs. Hanson

Abigail: It's just dinner.
Donovan: With Dottie Davenport, it's never just dinner.