Veronica: Ethel, I meant what I said. I'm sorry, Ethel. For everything my family did to yours.
Ethel: It's not your fault what your dad did, and you were there for me when no one else was. More than once.
[Motions to seat next to her]
Ethel: Seats not taken if you want it.
[Veronica sits and Jughead's voiceover begins]
Jughead: It seems that for Veronica, the sins of the father will remain simply that.

Betty: Mom...Archie, he talked to Polly. She's okay, Mom. She didn't choose the Blossoms over us, she's actually there to spy on them.
[Sniffles and drinks]
Alice: You know, when I went after this story, I thought in the back of my mind, "What if..what if this is finally the time she doesn't come back?"
Betty: She will, Mom! Right now, she's our woman on the inside. We're going to write this story.
Jughead: Come write with us at the Blue and Gold.
Alice: The school newspaper?!
Jughead: Yea, it's what we are, but I'm pretty sure our annual operating budget is bigger than the Register's.

Archie: How long?
Jughead: Well, since they shut down the drive-in. That's where I was living before.
Archie: Why the hell aren't you living at home?
Jughead: Truth is things aren't great at home.
Archie: With your dad?
Jughead: Yeah. He kinda fell off the wagon. After your dad fired him to tell you the truth. He hasn't had a job since. He keeps promising that he will get his act together, but my mom couldn't take that roller coaster anymore. So, she grabbed Jellybean and went to live with our grandparents.
[School bell rings]
Archie: God Jug, why didn't you tell me? And where does your dad think you are?
Jughead: He thinks I'm couch-surfing.
Archie: Screw that! Live with me.
Jughead: It's temporary. I'm going to figure something out. Just don't tell anybody, especially not Betty.
Archie: Betty? She's not going to care. If anybody's gonna to be a snob about that, maybe Veronica.
Jughead: Well, exactly. Don't tell her either.

Betty: Juggy, I feel like I don't even know who my mom and dad are anymore.
Jughead: Betty...if your parents lied about Jason and Polly, there's probably more they lied about.
Betty: Maybe.
Jughead: Your dad said he would do anything to protect Polly. So the next logical question is, how far would he go to protect her?
Betty: Jughead, whoever broke into Sheriff Keller's house and stole all this evidence wasn't at the drive-in. My dad wasn't at the drive-in...

Every town has one, the spooky house that all the kids avoid. Ours was Thornhill, the Blossom family's mansion, with it's very own graveyard. And trapped within its walls, like some Gothic heroine, was Cheryl Blossom, who's still grieving for her beloved brother Jason. Linked in death even as they were in life.


Veronica: What's happening out there? Do we know? Is it about me?
Jughead: I have a strong inkling, and no. Also, I'd let it go.
Veronica: Yes, but you're you and I'm me. You do you, girl. I'll be back.
[She leaves]
Kevin: What was it like before she got here? I honestly cannot remember.

Our story is about a town; a small town and the people who live in the town. From a distance, it presents itself like so many other small towns all over the, decent, innocent. Get closer though and you start seeing the shadows underneath. The name of our town is "Riverdale".


Cole Sprouse Quotes

Betty: Why are you getting so upset? It's just a party, Jug.
Jughead: It's not just a party. It's the fact that you don't know, or even care, that this is the last thing I would want. You did this for you to prove something.
Betty: To prove what?
Jughead: You're a great girlfriend? I don't know. Doesn't it ever occur to you how different we are, like on a cellular DNA level? You're a straight-A student, a cheerleader. For God sakes, you're the perfect girl-next-door.
Betty: I hate that word.
Jughead: I'm the damaged, loner outsider from the wrong side of tracks. Betty, come on, who are we kidding?! We're on borrowed time.

Betty: I should've told you about Chuck, but I lied. And instead threw you this party you didn't want.
Jughead: Why did you?
Betty: Something is very...very wrong with me. Like, there's this darkness in me that's overwhelming. Sometimes I don't know where it comes from, but I think that's what makes me do things.