Carl: Uh Chris, you ever see the movie Cruel Intentions?
Chris: No.
Carl: Oh, Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar make out, it's pretty hot. Fourty-seven minutes, sixteen seconds in.
Chris: No way!
Carl: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what's another great movie? Career Opportunities with Jennifer Connolly. I mean, that's one of those movies that... I mean, she's really hot in it, but it's also a good movie.
Chris: She was in A Beautiful Mind, and I've got to say, the direction was excellent, but I was very disappointed that she, um, wore clothes the entire film.
Carl: Was she hot in it?
Chris: Yeah, in the way that like, classy women with expensive clothing, who never take them off are hot. Ya know?
Carl: (pauses) No.
Chris: Alright, so ya see a hot girl, and you're like "okay, I appreciate your exterior beauty, because you've definitely worked at it. With the clothing and the jewelry, and the makeup and stuff." But secretly, I'm just like "hey man, where is the chase, and how do I cut to it?"
Carl: Wow, you're smart.
Chris: W...what?

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Chris Griffin
Family Guy Season 6 Episode 2: "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)"
Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Meg, lend me twenty-five cents so I can ride the toy airplane outside and make the immigrant kids jealous.


(Brian and Jillian are having sex)
Brian: Oh, yeah. You like that, huh?
Jillian: Yeah, it's rad!
Brian: Please don't talk.