Clara: Do you know what? Shut up! I am so sick of listening to you.
The Doctor: Well I didn't do it for Courtney. I didn't know what was going to happen. Do you think
I'm lying?
Clara: I don't know. I don't know! But if you didn't do it for her, I mean. Do you know what? It was
cheap, it was pathetic; no, no no, it was patronizing. Patting us on the back saying you're big enough to go to the shops by yourself now, toddle along.
The Doctor: No, that was me allowing you to make a choice about your own future. That was me
respecting you.
Clara: Oh my God, really, was it? Because respected is not how I feel.
The Doctor: Right. OK. Ah...
Clara: I nearly didn't press that button. I nearly put it wrong. That was you. My friend making me
scared, making me feel like a bloody idiot!
The Doctor: Language.
Clara: Oh don't you ever tell me to mind my language. Don't you ever tell me to take the stabilizers
off my bike and don't you dare lump me in with all the rest of the little humans that you think are so
tiny and silly and predictable. You walk our earth, Doctor, you breathe our air. You make us your
friend, and that is your moon too and you can damn well help us when we need it!
The Doctor: I was helping.
Clara: What? By clearing off?
The Doctor: Yes.
Clara: Well then clear off! Go on! You can clear off. Get back in your lonely, lonely pretty TARDIS
and you don't come back.
The Doctor: Clara! Clara!
Clara: You go away. OK? You go a long way away.

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7: "Kill the Moon"
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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Why didn't you just tell her you didn't mean it?!


Courtney: Do you really think I'm not special? You can't just take me away like that. It's like you kicked a big hole in the side of my life. You really think it? I'm nothing? I'm not special?
The Doctor: How'd you like to be the first woman on the moon? That special enough for ya?