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Clara and the Doctor end up on a decrepit shuttle that is making a suicide mission to the moon.

Courtney Woods has gone crazy. The Doctor told her she wasn't special and she's off the rails. She's wanking on about not being special so The Doctor decides to take her to the moon.

Hermione Norris guest stars as as an astronaut on the way to the moon. They are in the US space shuttle, but they're all British. Apparently the moon has grown because there are aliens lurking about.

The Mexicans were mining on the moon and something went crazy. High tides all around the earth, worst natural disaster of all time.

Courtney should not be on the trip.

The gets the space station up and running. There is a Mexican blanket wrapped around one of the chairs and cacti growing in bowls.

The moon is in the process of falling to bits.

There is a giant spider in the space station.

When Courtney is stuck in the room with the menacing spider, she stops its attack with what appears to be Windex.

The Doctor decides that they are determining the future of the moon. Meanwhile Courtney goes into the TARDIS and starts pressing buttons.

The other three Mexicans are found covered in cobwebs. There are dozens of the spiders.

The Doctor jumps into amniotic fluid on the moon.

Courtney is bored and putting things on Tumblr, including pictures of The Doctor.

Lundvik says her grandmum used to put things on Tumblr.

The Doctor says the moon isn't breaking apart. It's hatching. It's an egg. For a hundred million years or so it's been growing.

Lundvik wants to kill the moon (or the "baby" growing inside it) but Clara and Courtney are against that.

The Doctor leaves Clara, Lundvik and Courtney on their own to fight.

Everyone wonders if The Doctor is coming back, but Clara determines that The Doctor is really leaving things to them to decide. Clara broadcasts to earth. They have to decide if they kill the creature or let it live. If they think they should kill the creature, they should turn the lights off.

Earth decides to kill the creature. Just as Lundvik presses the button, Clara aborts and The Doctor shows up. A giant winged creature goes flies away.

The creature laid a new egg. A new moon, so to think. Lundvik thanks Clara for stopping her and for giving her the moon back.

The Doctor and Clara have a terrible row and she tells him to go away and never come back.

Danny Pink knows she doesn't mean it because she's still angry, and if she wasn't then she would truly be done.

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Why didn't you just tell her you didn't mean it?!


Courtney: Do you really think I'm not special? You can't just take me away like that. It's like you kicked a big hole in the side of my life. You really think it? I'm nothing? I'm not special?
The Doctor: How'd you like to be the first woman on the moon? That special enough for ya?