Mina: Your mother needs you in Atlanta by her side. You cannot come to Nigeria with me.
AJ: I know.
Mina: I wish things didn't have to be this way. I wish I didn't have to leave Chastain. Leave you. I would do anything to be with you through this. Maybe one day I could come back.
AJ: Yeah, maybe.

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The Resident Season 4 Episode 10: "Into The Unknown"
The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes, The Resident Quotes
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Nic: You know I was thinking about the time we first met --
Mina: No, no, no. Don't do that. I'm not dead. People move away all of the time. This is not a Hallmark moment, no need to get sentimental.

I love her mom. It doesn't mean I don't love you. You know I do, more than anything. But I'm going. I really want to.