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The best part about this week's 90210? Samantha Ronson barely played a role on it. The worst parts? We can name a few...

- Debbie quickly realized - based on her flimsy story and misguided facts about having a baby - that Sasha wasn't actually pregnant. She confronted Sasha with this accusation and told her to stay away from Dixon. She listened, calling him and claiming she had a miscarriage. Against Harry's wishes, Deb let her son believe this tale. Seems like a very, very quick end to an abrupt storyline that never really needed to take place.

- All of a sudden, Liam, Teddy and Ivy were total BFF. Again, very abrupt. They hung out at a Hollywood party, but Liam left early because Jen - who is now exclusively dating Ryan - made up a story about Liam hitting on her and Ryan got pissed at Liam for it. Mr. Matthews is a smart guy. We're not sure why he's written so poorly in this storyline and just falls for anything Jen says.

But Liam left, and Ivy soon met him in his mysterious basement, where something is under a tarp, but he wouldn't let her see it. He would kiss her, however, as these two made out hardcore. Guess the show didn't even wanna pretend like this might not happen. Better than dragging it out, we guess.

- Annie, meanwhile, heard from Navid that Jasper was a drug dealer. She confronted him about it, he got angry, but then they made up. We later learn that Navid was telling the truth, however. Before getting to that, quick backstory on Adrianna:

She actually sung (hilariously!) in an attempt to win Navid back, but he was steadfast in his rejection. This caused Adrianna to cut school and cry her eyes out. She refused to attend any AA meetings, even when Navid himself tried to push her toward them. When Adrianna tried to go out and attended the aforementioned party in Hollywood, she spotted Navid talking to girl and even Silver and Teddy chatting. Uh-oh.

With that as background, the episode ended with Adrianna buying drugs from Jasper. Fortunately, we know she'll eventually trade in pills for breasts.

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That was 10% less awkward than the last Teddy and Navid encounter.


You were spitting up so much salt water, I wanted to go over and burp you like a little baby.