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Diggle and Lyla are on a stroll. Someone comes up. He's been compromised. She reminds him she's not ARGUS anymore. That's exactly why she's the only person he can trust. A car come up and steals him.

Oliver is carrying Felicity down the stairs into her wheelchair. She has a very small one. They're talking about pain management. She says she might never make a full recovery. Even if her superpower is her mind, she has a lot on it and she might not be ready to come back yet. Her code name should be Hot Wheels.

Oliver gets a call about Diggle and his flesh wound. He heads to the Lair. Everybody is there. No, it wasn't HIVE. The guys looked military.

Diggle has a cheeseburger for Andy. Andy wonders how Diggle started working for a guy who is fighting crime wearing a greed hoodie. Diggle tells him what's really going on and reminds him how it used to be with them. Diggle Flashack! The Diggle bros. are under attack. RPG, all kinds of gunfire. Diggle is planting a bomb. Andy is a bit over the top, stepping right out into the path of gunfire.

At home, Felicity is digging into the pain medication. She's hearing things. Why didn't I get invited to this pity party? It's her, of course, trying to goad herself into pushing things?

Laurel is on the street checking into the murder of the fellow who was with Diggle. It's definitely the guy, Chang. He was tortured. And his eyeball is gone.

Diggle and Lyla aren't getting information from Amanda. Turns out all the blue photos are in the present, right at ARGUS. Amanda stole a USB drive.

Felicity discovers her drugs can cause hallucinations. Goth Felicity is saying I told you so.

Everyone else is looking into Shadowspire. Diggle realizes that it goes all the way back to when Andy and he were in the Army together. Andy says Dig only saw what he wanted to see. Andy says he can help now. A freeport.

Laurel suggests they call Felicity. Goth Felicity tries to tell her not to help.

Felicity screws up, trips a failsafe. The guy behind what's going on is the one who drove the humvee in Afghanistan.

Felicity is freaking out. She was worried about John, who is apparently called Spartan on a full time basis? Who knew.

Oliver apologizes for pushing Felicity too hard. She is afraid to say anything, but when Goth keeps chattering, she screams that she needs to be alone and Oliver leaves.

Diggle gets put into the ARGUS prison. Now Amanda wants to babble about Shadowspire. Andy says Shadowspire isn't looking for railguns. They're all about misdirection. Suddenly he seems awfully informed.

Laurel and Oliver are training. Oliver is blaming himself. Oliver tells her Barry traveled through time and changed things. The look on her face is hilarious. Barry told him that time doesn't like time to change and will fight back.

Oliver gets the call they need to go out about the railguns.

Goth is telling Felicity when Cooper fake died she was going to stand on her own forever more and instead look at what she turned into.

They eyeball is used to break into ARGUS. Nobody wanted the railguns. Andy wasn't kidding. Lt. Joiner is the guy's name. Amanda says it's a pleasure.

Luckily, Diggle is downstairs with Andy in the jail. Lyla and Amanda are in trouble. Joiner is there for Rubicon. He gives her 20 minutes.

Andy pulls the "your wife is in there, now's not the time to not trust me" garbage. But nothing he has said or done has been remotely trustworthy.

Diggle Flashback!! Anything is better than an Oliver flashback.

Felicity arrives at the lair. They're going to stop Damien not because of vengeance, but because of it's what they do and who they are.

Joiner kills ARGUS and takes Lyla hostage. The Diggle Brothers team up to lie to Joiner.

Code names flying all around.

Big ole fight scene, good guys plus Andy win.

The flashback ties into Oliver's. Andy's boss who helps him deal opium is the dude in charge on the Island. He traded the opium for a map of the island, which the locals call purgatory.

Felicity shows Oliver a photo of Goth Felicity. The old her would have stolen the plans for Rubicon and sold them for political purposes. The old Oliver would have snapped Joiner's neck.

Oliver tells Felicity that although the doctor said her condition is permanent and he doesn't want to live in denial, they've seen people fly, shrink and come back from the dead and he's not going to stop looking until she walks again.

Andy moves in with Diggle and Lyla, meets baby Sara.


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Arrow Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Laurel: You canvas the area yet? There could be a witness who saw something.
Cop: I don't need an ADA to tell me how to do my job.
Laurel: Well, I'm sure there's a murderer out there who appreciates your lack of initiative.

Andy: I never pegged you for the masked vigilante type.
Diggle: Yeah, well I guess we're all full of surprises, Andy.