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OK. The flashforward is four months from now. The grave looks smaller than a person our size, and there are only three wreaths.

Oliver won't go in to see Felicity before she goes into surgery because he wants to try to find Darhk before he goes dark. That's what Felicity would want.


Felicity is certain she's going to be fine and has all the support she has at her side with her mom, Laurel, Thea and Diggle.

Oliver wants Lance to give up the location where he meets with Darhk, knowing it will mean he's outed. Lance complies. At the lair, Oliver finds Anarky's symbol.

Thea is angry that Anarky is still out there because of her.

Laurel discovers Donna is dating her dad. She's also worried about Lance becoming a target since Darhk knows he's working with Team Arrow now.

They think they spot Anarky on some surveillance cameras and go on the hunt. The find him in a dirty house wearing a mask. he has guns set up on motion sensors. He is happy to Thea because she saved him from himself.

Oliver physically interrogates Anarky. Thea interrupts. Felicity is out of surgery. He needs to go now.

Diggle goes to see Andy again. He tells him he loved him then and now. Andy talks about Damien's belief the world needs a reset again. He tells him about Felicity and begs for Darhk's location. Andy mentions Stonehaven and how the leaves look there in Autumn.

Anarky taunts Thea, hoping she kills him.

At the hospital, Donna wonders where Oliver has been. She's been learning the news about Felicity from two doctors. She'll never walk again. The damage to her spine is permanent.

Oliver frees Anarky from the cops, telling him to make sure Darhk is dead.

Laurel takes issue with what Oliver did and Diggle tries to talk some sense into Oliver. He can't lose what humanity he has gotten back, because it's what Felicity fallen in love with.

Thea tells Alex she's not ready for them and he says he'll wait.

Anarky's tracker goes dark. The team has to force Oliver to go be with Felicity.

She wants to know he hasn't gone off the rails. He can't tell her that. He thinks the reason Darhk is winning is because he hasn't been willing to go far enough. She thinks the reason he hasn't been there is because it's a for worse situation and they haven't exchanged any vows. That wasn't very nice.

Anarky has Damien's wife and daughter tied up. Damien's on the way. Team Arrow arrives and Anarky is annoyed. Oliver sees Damien outside. A fight ensues. Darhk does a nifty trick using Oliver's arrows to against him.

Thea and Anarky fought a good fight, but she let him get away.

Darhk's family had fake identification, saying they were not related to him, therefore they were not in custody.

Thea calls Alex over and he's confused.

Darhk's wife is angry he didn't take out the Green Arrow tonight when he had the chance.

Flash forward. Oliver gets into a limousine at the cemetery. Felicity is waiting. Is she OK? No. Is he? No. You know what you have to do, right? You have to kill the son of a bitch.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Machin is about ten different kinds of deranged. Why would you believe anything he has to say?


Laurel: Hey, how you doing?
Felicity: I have never been more ready to have a bunch of guys poking around inside of me. Doctors. Doctors.