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Well, I had 300 words in this recap, but my cat bumped my hand and the page changed and it's all gone.

In a nutshell, Thea's bloodlust is killing her, Roy is breakdancing while being chased, Nyssa broke free of her League cell and started fighting Katana while Oliver saw Shado in the past.

Roy says hey to Thea only to witness her bloodlust start to eat her health. Her wound from Ra's appears on her chest and then disappears.

The Calculator doesn't want to take down the web, but the city.

Curtis has some words of encouragement for Felicity. She's a lot more confident as Overwatch than she is as the leader of Palmer Tech.

Thea doesn't want anyone else to step in and try to make them right for her. Oliver wants to push on and Malcolm wants to obey her wishes despite his own.

Felicity is trying to track Calculator's actions to stop him and his web nuke.

The gang stops Calculator. 

This is my life. It's my choice. Says pretty much every character on Arrow.

Roy has to go back underground. For reasons unknown and although everyone wants him to stick around.

Flashback. Oliver tells the chick with the accent that he killed her brother. Whoops.

Felicity gives the presentation for Curtis' new technology. In the audience, Calculator is sitting next to Oliver.

Roy and Thea declare their love for one another and the missed opportunity they had to have a family and spend their futures together.

Felicity meets her dad, the Calculator.

Thea is beginning to die. She's in a coma. She's a 3 on the Glasgow scale. The prognosis isn't good. 

Suddenly Nyssa is at her bedside talking of Lotus. She will give it to him freely if he kills Malcolm Merlyn.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I am the Demon's Head. I have my resources.


Oliver, sometimes the greatest act of love is no action at all. It's her life. It's her choice.