Arrow Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Fighting Fire With Fire

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Wait... so Adrian is Prometheus?

We were blessed with that reveal Arrow Season 5 Episode 15, and I could not be more shocked. Throughout the course of Arrow Season 5, Adrian was seemingly Vigilante.  

His Biggest Challenge - Arrow

When Prometheus took the mask off and was revealed to be Adrian, I had to rewind confirm I did, indeed, see him take off the Prometheus mask. Seriously, it was such a thrilling twist and made this season infinitely more intriguing. 

The show led us to believe all season long that Adrian was helping Oliver, but he was hiding in plain sight while planning his next move. Additionally, it seemed rather easy to have this Prometheus reveal so soon. 

Prometheus - Arrow Season 5 Episode 9

I thought for sure it was going to be dragged kicking and screaming until the end of the season. I like when shows have an element of surprise, but Arrow has been pretty predictable of late. Hopefully, this marks a new direction for the series going forward. 

Dinah has her suspicions about Adrian. That was confirmed when he took the sample from the Vigilante's clothes. She knew there was no way she could decline his offer or it would have been game over.

However, I was shocked that she did not try to get information from him. Dinah is a smart woman, so if anyone can get to the truth, it will be her. What I liked about the closing scene was that it set up the next episode well. 

Kidnapping Susan is going to be the thing that makes Oliver go crazy. He won't want to think rationally. His only instinct will be to save her at any cost. As much as Susan has been sketchy, I felt sorry for her. 

She's been dragged into this sick game, and I doubt she'll make it out alive. Hey, what if Oliver accidentally kills her like he did Malone? Now, that would send him on a one-way ticket to an asylum. 

Oliver is going to be livid when he inevitably learns that Adrian is the villain. The pair has struck up this close bond, and it's been interesting to watch it all play out. With Artemis double-crossing him and now Adrian doing the same, Oliver and Team Arrow are going to have a whole lot of trust issues when they make it out of this. 

It's Oliver, and I'm not your boss anymore. I'm your client.


Maybe Oliver should have just let Adrian take the fall for the entire Malone thing. It would have been hilarious to see Adrian's reaction if Oliver just agreed to it on the spot. There's also the possibility that Adrian was testing Oliver's character to see if he would throw him under the bus. 

One thing that's good about Oliver is that he's very loyal. If he thinks someone has put their neck on the line to help, he'll return the favor. 

In the grand scheme of things, publicly calling out the Green Arrow was a bad idea. Realistically, how is the city going to be able to trust Oliver when he's dressed up again? This is not something that can just be brushed under the rug in a matter of scenes. 

arrow 515a

There is going to be a ripple effect for these actions, and it's uncertain that things are going to end well. Thea is lucky she got out while she could, but I was totally not on board with her bringing up the idea of making Malone seem like a dirty cop. 

Yes, she was right that Star City cops don't exactly have the best track record, but could you imagine how Felicity would have reacted to that? Geez, it's something that will probably be brought back up down the line, and Felicity will not be impressed. 

Felicity: You wanna blackmail him?
Thea: It's not blackmail. It's politics.

Thea departing was hardly surprising. Willa Holland's alter ego has had a decreased presence on the show this year, and it's making me think she's ready to move on to a new project. 

There's only so long they can use the Thea-is-away-to-repent-for-her-sins card before it gets old. It's time for her to fly free of Oliver and find herself in the world. Her new knack for destroying people is only going to get her in trouble. 

Let's talk about Curtis. The dude is so naive that it's pretty sad. I'm sure everyone saw Paul presenting him with divorce papers coming a mile off. Unfortunately for Curtis, Paul did not sign up to have his husband in harm's way on a daily basis when they got married. 

Worrying whether your loved one is going to die while at work is a concern Paul could not have on his mind, so I understand his decision. Look for Rene to step up in the coming weeks to pull Curtis out of his funk. 

"Fighting Fire With Fire" was a huge improvement on Arrow Season 5 Episode 14. Finally, we're getting somewhere with the Prometheus plot, and the other plots are getting more interesting. 

It sucks there is now a break because the momentum will probably die out before the show returns. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • I am SOOO on board with Felicity joining Helix. This is one storyline that's been more intriguing than the others throughout that last few weeks. How will Oliver react to her going dark?
  • Dinah's comment about waiting outside was hilarious. It's not like Team Arrow cares about who knows Oliver's secret at this stage. 
  • Who the heck is Vigilante? Could we be looking at an Earth-2 version of Adrian?

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Fighting Fire With Fire Review

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

It's Oliver, and I'm not your boss anymore. I'm your client.


Dinah: I just realized, am I allowed to be in here?
Quentin: Usually, the detail stands outside.
Dinah: I'll go blend in.