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Artemis goes to see Prometheus. She wants to be there when he kills Oliver, because suddenly the little twerp is bloodthirsty.

She hasn't been listening. He's not going to kill Oliver, but make him wish he was dead.

Sam is Oliver's date for the Mayor's Christmas party. 

Felicity is swilling down champagne because she's afraid to introduce them to her boyfriend, Billy something. She sticks her foot in her mouth in front of Curtis' husband when she reveals she was fired at work and forgets about the "startup" they've been working on together.

Diggle and Jason are talking about Flashpoint. Dig cannot imagine having a daughter. Before Artemis busts in, Rene almost says something about having kids of his own.

Oliver waxes poetic about having a better life.

Felicity asks about going on a double date sometime.

Paul is pissed about Curtis lying to him about his late nights, and them Prometheus either arrows him, darts him or hits him with a death star thingy. Curtis fights back with Paul watching, mouth agape. Curtis goes down like a tree, leaving Paul screaming for help.

Oliver is flashing back to four years ago, when he was following his dad's list. Dycloserol is a drug that was used in the dart against Curtis, and it was used to treat TB. Oliver wanted to kill the dude who was price gouging it.

Artemis is standing at Prometheus' side when Green Arrow arrives. Oliver can't believe the betrayal.

Billy the cop isn't letting this go. He wants to find Prometheus.

Paul is pissed about the vigilantism. He wants no part of it. Ultimatum time.

Billy is kidnapped by Prometheus just after he sent a photo of the baby to Felicity. They realize Claybourne's son has been studying Oliver's moves for four years as revenge against killing his dad.

Oliver's having flashbacks between the time he killed Claybourne and now. It's a little confusing. Even more confusing? Prometheus has two suits and thrusts a kidnapped Billy out for Oliver's target practice.


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Rory: Were you even listening to the rules?
Rene: I don't like listening. Or rules.

You haven't been listening. I'm not going to kill him. I'm going to make him wish he was dead.