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Diggle takes an entire army to some tent in the middle of the nowhere to tell some guy he needs him.

Oliver's attorney offers him a deal. No, they're not going to take it, but they're worried about who might be in the pockets of Diaz.

Rene wants to do what they can to help Oliver and that means lying. Dinah wonders why he cares all of a sudden. Rene still thinks Oliver is a jerk, but that doesn't help the guy's predicament which he's in because of Rene.

The local press is doing an interview with Mayor Lance who is dancing around the identity of Green Arrow, but positive it's not Oliver Queen. When Laurel walks in on them, she assures the presser that as the Black Canary she knows his identity and will testify to it if necessary.

William and his nanny arrive at court just in time for Oliver to come in and the trial to start. 

Dinah exercises her fifth amendment right when she's seated in the witness box.

Diaz takes Rene's daughter into the courthouse as Rene is testifying so he cannot lie as planned. When he looks at Oliver with a pained face, Oliver nods. Rene says there were too many people Oliver "killed or maimed" as the Green Arrow to count.

Everything is a mess now. Diaz gets away, blah blah. Loring asks the question. Oliver answers. She needs a new strategy. She will turn the case around by allowing him to admit his identity and proving all the good he's done and why prison is the last place he should be.

Oliver doesn't want Felicity to testify because she'll purger herself. She said it would only be one more felony added to a long list of those she's already committed to for his behalf.

The prosecutor gets Oliver to admit to lying about having been in Lian Yu for all five years of his absence. He was in Asia and Russia. Whoops.

Just as he's on the spot for that, the "Green Arrow" comes popping down through the sunroof.

The Merlyn lookalike has quite a good story about faking his death and then he's arrested and taken away and it's Chance. That makes sense. 

Diaz is making Laurel testify as a counter-witness against Chance. Oliver has talked with Diggle and no, he won't be breaking out of prison if convicted. He wants Felicity and William taken into witness protection with ARGUS.

Oliver has sweet conversations with William and Felicity.

Oliver is found guilty. The Judge, though, has a lot to say on the subject and sets Oliver free.

Chase was one busy ass man. Diggle admits he can't take the credit, though. It wasn't his idea. 

Answering the door at the Wild Dog house is quite the adventure. Hiding and guns? Damn.

Rene finally apologizes to Oliver and vice versa. They're in a good place. 

The judge, however, is not going to have such a good night, though. He's doesn't even get a chance to explain before he's shot to death.

Black Canary is back, takin' down the bad guys. She tries to kill Ricardo Diaz, but he has a voice stopper thing before she gets her third cry out.

His next plan is to kill Oliver Queen and everyone he cares about. What does that mean as we roll toward the finale?

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

Rene: He was here. Are you just gonna let him walk?
Felicity: We're not just letting him walk.

Ms. Loring: At the end of this trial, I'm going to ask you what is most likely: that our city's government is compromised or that we elected a superhero.