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Hush, aka Tommy Elliot, goes on a killing spree at Gotham University in order to kidnap a professor.

Kate kicks down Regan's door and confronts her. Regan reveals that Magpie is her sister and that Julia's already questioned her about the journal.

In Arkham, Mouse, Alice, and Hush are torturing the man Hush kidnapped from Gotham U to decipher Lucius Fox's journal.

Kate confronts Julia and questions her about why she wants the journal. Sophie arrives and she and Julia leave Kate for a briefing.

The Crows are after Hush after he kidnapped an NSA analyst agent they were protecting.

Kate and Luke argue about Julia's loyalty and Mary tries to stay out of it. Luke leaves when Kate gives him an out. Mary and Kate realize that Hush is kidnapping code-breakers.

Alice kills the NSA agent too and then sends Hush after Parker Torres.

Kate and Mary come up with a plan to find out where Hush is taking the kidnap victims but realize neither of them knows how to implement it without Luke. A call comes in from Parker's girlfriend, frantic for Parker's safety.

Batwoman heads out to rescue her and Mary tries to back her up from the Bat Cave.

Batwoman rescues Parker but Hush gets away. Alice isn't impressed and insists that they go after Luke next.

Luke shows up at Crows headquarters to see Julia about the fact she's been lying about her time in Gotham. She confesses she got fired and then he takes a call from an unknown phone. Kate asks him where he is and he tells her.

Jacob is angry that Batwoman was involved in an encounter with Hush and Sophie refuses to fight with him about it.

Luke gets another call, this time identified as Kate and as he answers it, Hush arrives to kidnap him and Julia. Luke is told to decipher the code or Julia gets fried.

Sophie arrives at Wayne Tower to see if Julia is there. Mary and Parker watch from the Bat Cave.

Luke figures out the decoding key for the journal.

In the Bat Cave, Parker is able to hack into the information to track down Hush. While she's working, Mary discovers a pair of glasses in the box of Lucius Fox's items and they decode the journal automatically.

At Arkham, Luke realizes they can't tell Alice what the journals say and he and Julia are prepared to die for the secret.

Batwoman breaks into Arkham and knocks out two guards before tracking down Alice, Mouse, and Hush.

Jacob mobilizes the Crows to hit Arkham to capture Batwoman.

Batwoman trades Lucius's glasses for Luke and Julia even after Luke explains the book holds the secret to killing her. Batwoman gets them to safety and goes back for the book. The alarm is triggered and Alice releases all the inmates in order to distract while she escapes with Mouse.

Kate returns to Wayne Tower and finds Luke.

Sophie waits for Julia's injury report and then kisses her in relief. Kate arrives to witness them kissing and Sophie takes off.

Julia explains that she struck a deal with The Rifle's boss to stop trying to kill Batwoman. In return, she was to get the journal, not knowing that it would help the boss, Safiyah Sohail, to kill Batwoman anyway.

Jacob lights the Bat Signal and warns Batwoman that he wants her out.

In a sewer, Mouse complains about losing their Arkham haven while Alice reads the journal. She apparently needs Kryptonite.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Luke: She's not scheming against us.
Kate: And you would know that how? Did she pretend to fall in love with you when she was really just a babysitter sent by Bruce Wayne?
Mary: Oooookay, it's time to day drink.

Luke: I trust her, Kate.
Kate: Then I can't trust your judgement.
Luke: Says the girl who went home with a bartender and left the key to destroying Gotham on the nightstand.