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Anthony argues with Erin. He thinks she's scared of Crawford and is mad. She says he can't walk out. He says he has no fight left in him.

Danny and Baez are driving somewhere and there's a dead body in the middle of the road. Danny says there's no time to wait for the ambulance and takes the person in their car.

Eddie is in the hospital too. A paramedic tells Jamie that Eddie sprained her ankle chasing a perp... when she was off-duty.

A kid thanks Baez and Danny for their help. It's the first time he's said anything nice to the cops. They want to repay him but can't tell him who did it. Danny asks if he remembers how many there were. He didn't see any faces. Danny gets that he's afraid of retaliation but until someone speaks up this will keep happening to others. The kid's brother says he will talk to him.

A woman gets in a fight with a squeegee guy. The cops show up. Frank is watching as the guy is arrested.

Sid is thrilled that Frank's security detail arrested the squeegee guy. Garett is worried about the mayor seeing it as an insult.  Sid thinks that no one thinks that much in the heat of the moment. Garett says Frank should apologize in case the mayor feels slighted. Frank won't apologize for something that only happened in the mayor's head. Sid agrees. In any case, Frank has been called to the mayor's office.

Jamie goes to say hi to Eddie. Her ankle is fine now. Jamie doesn't understand why she ended up downtown when she was going out with girlfriends on the Upper East Side. Eddie claims she has no idea why they took her downtown.

Anthony shows up at the squad room and Danny feels a need to start with the fat jokes. Anthony asks to talk to him in private. He has something serious to say about Erin. He gives Danny an envelope. Danny says what am I supposed to do with this? He wants to pretend he never saw it.

Matthew's brother shows up and says Matthew isn't comfortable talking to them, then leaves. Baez wodners what now.

Danny goes undercover and pretends to be drunk so the bad guys will try to beat him up. He arrests them.

Chase thinks that Frank had that guy arrested to make him look bad and himself look good. Frank asks if there is a point to this meeting? Chase wants him to apologize for grandstanding at a press conference. He's sure Garett can come up with something. Frank laughs. Chase says you're supposed to apologize if your boss thinks you make him look bad.

Danny questions the gang member he arrested, who claims he doesn't know any of the victims. The perp isn't interested in making a deal. The guy says that they don't have enough to do anything to him and that no one will come forward. Danny says he's free to go but insists on giving him a ride home. The guy is afraid his crew will think he snitched and says let's work something out.  He won't snitch though so Danny makes a point of t taking him out of the car in front of his friends.

Jamie comes to see Anthony who hopes Erin doesn't know he's here. He looks at the envelope and agrees with Danny that they should forget this. Anthony says Jamie could be commissioner someday. Jamie is not interested. He walks out and runs right into Erin, who can tell he's upset. Jamie says he's sure it's nothing. Erin says she is sure Anthony is up to something. Jamie hurries away.

Jamie has brought food but Eddie is on her way out. She is meeting Charlotte for a drink and is wearing heels. She also makes up a story about the ER uptown being too full.

Ozzy has been beaten up. Erin is unhappy with Danny over this. Danny insists this isn't his fault. Erin tells him to go home now.

Erin is searching through papers in Anthony's office. She insists she wasn't snooping. She was looking for the Debernardo file. She wants to know where he was. She complains every time she's looking for him he's not there. She wants to know what he's up to.

Danny is complaining to Baez about Erin. Baez says he wants her to let him off the hook. Danny wants to know what he did wrong. Baez says he should know.

Garrett insists Frank has to apologize. Frank says he considered it. Sid says he would just bite the bullet but it's not him. (Since when?) Frank doesn't want to apologize and thinks Chase is bluffing anyway. Garrett says this will be taken as Frank escalating it. Garrett has written a statement.

Frank appears at a press conference. He has a statement on the arrest.  He seems very uncomfortable as he reads the statement. He cuts himself off and puts the statement away and asks who wants to live in a city where the police commissioner ignores a crime in progress.

Anthony goes to see Henry who pretends not to know who he is. Henry looks at the envelope and says he'll make a call.

Danny apologizes to Baez. She says that the world has changed and we can't do things the way we used to. You have to be by the book. Danny says that doesn't always work.

Anyway at the hospital they show Ozzy some photos. Ricky, Matthew's brother, is part of the gang. Why did he attack his own brother? Ozzy wants a deal.

Jamie finds out Eddie is going to meet some guy named Barry.

Frank's team thinks things have changed and he needs to apologize to the mayor. Frank refuses to do that. How do you budget your integrity? The team doesn't think he lacks integrity.

Danny and Baez talk to Matthew who is on the mend.  They arrest both guys. Matthew's beatdown was a gang initiation.

Jamie follows Eddie, who is freaked out and thinks he's a perp. He admits he's following her. She's been acting strange. She suggests he ask her instead. He knows she lied to him about why she was downtown. She says she doesn't want him to know what she is doing. She's not doing anything. He asks who Barry is. Eddie takes him to a classroom where Barry is teaching. She's studying for the sergeant's exam and was worried Jamie wouldn't like it. Jamie thinks it's a great idea but he doesn't like that she didn't tell him the truth.

Frank goes to see the mayor, who accuses Frank of liking the spotlight and starting trouble for that reason. Frank says he's a cop. Chase insists Frank likes the spotlight. He says he wants Frank to resign. Frank informs him he is declining that offer. He says Chase doesn't want to fire him or for him to resign. Who would he get to step in for the PC you fired for arresting a guy who was threatening a woman in the streets? Chase thinks Frank thanks highly of himself. Frank says there are only a handful of people who do what he does and they have a grapevine. The people he wants have been watching this little tiff. Chase says just go.

Erin thinks Frank was playing chicken. The family agrees. Frank says are we all finished? He knew it would work out. Erin is surprised the mayor didn't fire him. Frank says a life well lived is one where you risk everything for something that really matters to you. Erin wants to know what's going on. Frank says look under your placemat. The envelope is there. It's a bumper sticker saying Erin for DA. The whole family thinks she should run.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 2 Quotes

Chase: Sorry to keep you waiting, Commissioner.
Frank: You always keep me waiting.

I get that you're scared of retalitation. But these guys have been doing this two, three times a week and until someone stands up, they're gonna keep doing it. They left you for dead, Matthew. The next person might not be so lucky. We might not be in the right place at the right time.