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Jamie arrests a car thief.

Eddie and Badillo go to a store that was robbed. The clerk says an officer came in and tied up the robber and then left.

Erin is nervous after viewing herself on video. She feels she shouldn't have to do this because she has done lots of closings. Anthony says she has to be a bit of an actor to win this race. He tries to critique her speech performance. She is annoyed. She says her whole piece and he thinks she got it but he wants her to practice it again.

Frank goes to the hospital. An officer is in surgery after getting shot by a perp who jumped the turnstile. Also the officer was on solo patrol so there was no partner. Frank hopes this will convince the mayor that solo patrols are a bad idea. The transit chief disagrees because this was the first injury in the 10 days of the solo patrol program.

The car thief wants a lawyer. Jamie's partner says he knows that there are people above Bobby who will let him take the fall. Jamie says he will get 15 years if he doesn't start talking.

Eddie is upset she can't ID the cop who made the collar. Badillo doesn't think it matters. They caught the bad guy, that's all that they need to know.

Garrett says the solo patrols are leading to lower crime rates. Frank says this is sitll not good policy. Garrett says the mayor wants to know when Frank will endorse the program. Frank said he approved this program expecting it would crash and burn.

Eddie talks to Danny who says he thinks it's a police impersonator. There is another incident. This time a bystander was shot.

Danny and Eddie talk to a cop who says the perp subdued the robber and stopped the victim's bleeding. Danny tells Eddie they need to stop this guy before someone gets killed.

Erin says the image consultant sent a stylist. She won't turn toward Anthony. Eventually she shows him her red dress and her new hair. She doesn't like it. Anthony doesn't see what's wrong with her new look. She doesn't want this. She wants to be voted for because she's the best candidate.

Jamie says he reinterviewed the perp. He didn't bring the other cop in because he was too soft. Jamie is going to go undercover. The other cop is worried it could get hairy. Jamie says it's better he observe. The other cop hopes that Jamie doesn't think he is meant for this job. Jamie needs him all in.

Danny and Eddie talk to a retired cop/security guard who claims not to know anything about the 911 calls. He admits he was trying to help. Danny tells him he retired and that's it. Danny says he broke the law by impersonating a cop.

Frank has a meeting and thanks people for keeping officers safe. He meets after with Gallagher who endorses the program. Frank says he is the only one who can endorse. Gallagher says solo patrols help reduce subway crime. He always worked solo and lived to tell the tale. Frank says he agrees something needs to be done but he will tell him when and how he agrees. He says he is Gallagher's boss,not the mayor, and he is the one who sets NYPD policy.

Jamie arrives and the car thieves make him break into a car by himself and start it. Then tell him to steal a BMW for him within 72 hours. They leave and he calls his boss and says they're in.

Jamie's unit has a meeting. The boss thinks Jamie is wrong to make his rookie officer team lead. Jamie is sure he can handle it.

Eddie and Danny confront the perp. He was a fine cop. A new supervisor was doing inappropriate things and he got in trouble. He wanted to be a cop and now he is nothing but a security guard. He doesn't know how to live with this.

Erin films her commercial but a revolving door doesn't stop. She does not like how she looks. She also says she is lying because DAs cannot do anything about bail laws.

Garrett and Sid run into Frank's office, annoyed. An anonymous source has endorsed the program in the NY Times. Also there are two more injuries that have not been reported. Sid says Gallagher covered this up and Garrett says that Gallagher is the anonymous source. Frank says he can't come down on Gallagher because it looks like he is silencing dissent. He wants Garrett to anonymously tell the press about the injuries.

At Sunday dinner, Jamie gave Danny the gift Eddie gave him. Henry says cash is king when it comes to gifts. Frank says it's the thought that counts. No one has seen Frank wear the watch they gave him. Frank says it's for special occasions and changes the subject. Henry wants to see the watch. Frank has to admit he returned the watch. He appreciated the gesture but the watch was too showy for him. He likes the watch he got when they were kids. And it reminds him of a perfect time.

After dinner Eddie tells Danny she spoke to Erin about Terrence. She wants him to get a break. His story checked out. Danny says he still can't punch his boss. He thinks Terrence screwed himself over. Eddie wants the case back. Danny says it is his case. She can walk away if she doesn't like what he is doing.

Jamie brings the car. A security guard comes and the bad guys try to shoot him. Jamie stops them, arousing their suspicions. They find and throw away his phone and realize he is a cop.

The bad guys bring Jamie to the boss. A bunch of other cops show up and arrest them. His rookie hid a GPS tracker in Jamie's hat. Jamie is pleased that he used his instincts.

Danny says the DA wants to rearrest Simms. A call comes in about a robbery in progress. A perp with an automatic rifle shoots at Danny. Simms shows up and saves the day. Danny says he owes him one but he has to take him in.

Erin watches footage of a commercial she did where she is wearing a yellow suit. Anthony thinks she should play up the mom angle. Erin wants to fire the consultant. This is not who she is.  She gets a call. The consultant calls and says the commercial was the highest rated spot they ever made. Maybe sshe should do the commercial. But what if they like the fake Erin more than the real one.

Frank talks to Gallagher and says it is not them against the mayor. Gallagher says that he didn't want a rush to judgment. Frank says the problem. Now the mayor is being attacked and wants to get rid of solo patrols ASAP. He also wants Frank to fire Gallagher. However Frank is the one who runs the department and is not firing him. He warns him not to substitute his judgment for Frank's again.

Eddie is annoyed because Simms saved them. Simms says Danny is right and he needs to start acting like he's not a cop. Danny says maybe. He calls Sid in. Sid says he reviewed Simms record and he did a lot of good so if the DA will drop the charges, Frank will consider reinstating him. Eddie asks why the change of heart. Danny says someone's voice was in his ear and wouldn't shut up.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 10 Quotes

Frank: Maybe this incident will convince the mayor that solo patrol is a bad idea.
Paul: With all due respect, the same thing could have happened if he had a partner.
Frank: Where one can be overpowered, two can resist.
Paul: With all due respect to the Good Book, I'd say that the fact that this is the first injury in the 10 days of the pilot program means it's a good program.

Anthony: Hey. You look like you saw something scary.
Erin: I did. Me.