Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 3 Review: Ghosted

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Callie Thorne was back, and this time her character was less flighty.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 3 dealt with Danny and Baez's investigation after Maggie was stabbed.

Maggie bonded with Baez and the baby and helped catch her would-be killer without becoming annoying.

Maggie Is Attacked - Blue Bloods

While I love Callie Thorne, I've never been a huge Maggie fan. It's not so much that she's a psychic, but she never felt quite like a real person before. Her psychic abilities and eccentric personality were too over the top.

This time, Maggie was a crime victim who had temporarily lost her gift, making her more relatable.

She didn't seem any different at the hospital than any other victim.

She was confused, couldn't remember much about her attack, and worried about her future.

She'd also lost her ability to hear voices and see visions that other people didn't see. Ironically, the loss made it more understandable why this was so important to her.

She was afraid she'd lose her gift permanently, which anyone who has ever lost any abilities following an injury can relate to, even if they don't see auras or hear voices.

Henry Remembers a Fallen Commissioner - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 3

But the real reason Maggie needed her gift was heartbreaking: she wanted a connection with her late daughter.

Even if we're not psychic, many of us can relate to feeling a loved one's presence after passing away. It's hard enough losing a child -- and Maggie's daughter was murdered, which makes it even worse -- without losing the comfort of feeling their spirit with you.

Maggie felt like she was losing her daughter all over again, and that was more difficult for her to bear than she admitted.

Her role in catching her would-be killer was amusing.

Jamie and Anthony Work Together - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 3

When Danny and Baez told him that Maggie was dead, it wasn't clear what the point was, but Maggie's silent confrontation made the point clear.

That perp was none too swift. He'd confessed to murder when Maggie gave him a message from beyond, then tried to kill what he thought was a ghost of his latest victim.

If anyone should be off the streets permanently, it's him. Let's hope he doesn't get released, thanks to bail reform!

Meanwhile, Eddie showed an angry woman that there are still good cops in the world.

What Happened to Maggie? - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 3

This was a strange story for several reasons, not the least because it didn't seem connected to the first part of the hour.

Eddie and Luis arrested some entitled brat who tried to assault a hot dog vendor over an extra dollar he claimed she owed him. Said brat threatened to ruin the cops' lives. He was released on a desk appearance ticket and promptly vanished into thin air.

If Eddie mistakenly thought he was the one who messed with her car, that would have been enough to connect his story to the vandalism incident. He could have been cleared quickly and then disappeared.

Instead, Eddie's two stories felt like part of two different episodes. The rich kid didn't have anything to do with anything; he was probably meant to be a red herring, but since he disappeared before he could be accused, it didn't work.

Debating Protocol - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 3

Diane assumed Luis and Eddie were sleeping together despite Eddie's insistence that she was happily married to someone else. I guess that's why she messed with Eddie's car; it wasn't entirely clear.

Her explanation for why she did it was understandable but annoying. She'd had a lot of stress and Luis ghosting her was the last straw.

Eddie saw this as a failure to treat a woman properly on Luis' part. However, if this woman was going to treat a relationship of less than a year as if it were a marriage of 25 years and get violent because it didn't work out, Luis was probably right to cut her loose.

While Eddie was dealing with this silliness, Jamie and Anthony were stuck following a serial shoplifter in the hopes she would lead them to the person behind a bunch of illegal gun sales.

Helping an Old Friend - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 3

Jamie took his CI's word for it that this woman was involved. I don't know how you'd corroborate something like this, but I'd think they'd want some confirmation before letting her out of jail and tailing her.

It could have ended up being a massive waste of resources. It nearly was. Anthony and Jamie watched Sheree shoplift from one store after another without getting anywhere until she randomly decided to bolt.

Despite the implausibility of this story,  Anthony and Jamie working together was fun. Anthony must have saved some ire from the last time he worked with Danny because Jamie certainly aggravated him!

Finally, Frank had a decision to make when a less-than-honest previous commissioner passed away.

Searching for a Murderer - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 2

I was surprised that there was a commissioner between when Henry stepped down and Frank stepped up. More shockingly, Connors had something to do with forcing Henry out.

There was a third surprise, too: Sid was the one to get through to Frank this time. Sid can be gruff and is often overly loyal to cops who don't deserve it merely because they are cops.

But this time, he spoke Frank's language. When he said that it was about respecting the institution, that was exactly what Frank needed to hear to decide how to honor ex-PC Connors' passing despite the bad blood between him and the department.

It almost felt like a role reversal; normally, Frank would be the one to explain his decisions to Sid using that type of metaphor.

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If he was so great, then ask yourself, why did he suddenly resign? And why was I, the chief of the department, asked to replace him the very next day?


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