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Eddie's partner feels a need to talk about the high crime rate. Anyway they are around the corner from a domestic disturbance. The man is defiant and has a gun on him as Jamie joins and arrests him.

Erin tells a judge her witness has disappeared and wants an adjournment so they can find her. The judge gives her until Monday. Erin wants Anthony to get with Danny about finding the wintess. Jack shows up and tries every which way to get her to go to lunch with him, which she declines.

A new captain, McNichols, has decided that it's not acceptable for Jamie and Eddie to work together. She needs one of them to transfer. Eddie can't believe this is the new captain's top priority. McNichols wants to know which one is transferring by the end of tour today.

Baez is not worried about childcare. She is worried about letting her child be independent someday. Anthony comes along to talk to them about the witness. Joe shows up and it turns ot the woman his his CI. Suddenly someone is thrown out a window. It's Erin's witness and she's dead.

During a meeting, Sid tells Frank they have record attrition in the NYPD. Also the fire department has disinvited Frank from a renaming ceremony because he's too "political" despite the mayor being invited. Also a poll says that political leaders are not transparent enough.

Erin is disturbed by this news. Without her witness she has no case. Danny has until Monday to prove the defendant ordered a hit.

Eddie doesn't want to leave the 29. Jamie will ask to be transferred. Eddie wants to work together. Jamie says it can't be that way their whole career. Eddie is called away to another domestic disturbance at the same department.

Erin is having a private dinner with Jack. He realizes since she's running for DA she doesn't want her dinner dates scrutinized. She thinks he doesn't want to be under the microscope with her. He doesn't want to fade into the woodwork. He's amazed that she doesn't know him at all. He's not who he was 25 years ago. He wants her to meet someone. Warren Bradford -- a potential supporter who wants to create a PAC so he can contribute 3 million dollars to her campaign in exchange for a conversation.

The woman with the domestic dispute doesn't answer the door. Shots fired. Same guy. He speeds off and the cops find their tires are slashed.

Jamie is annoyed that the guy was let go. Erin says she has no control over bail reform. Jamie says that Eddie was shot at. Erin says she's in the middle of a trial right now. This wasn't even her case.  Jamie says he's tired of being quiet while the justice system falls apart.

Jack and Erin meet. She doesn't know what the narrative of her personal life should be. He thinks meeting clandestinely is kind of hot.

Frank comes to see the Archbishop, wearing street clothes. He wants the Archbishop to change into regular clothes too and come with him. He says they both have lost their flock and no one has told them.  He wants them to observe New York the way Teddy Roosevelt and Jacob Riis used to. No security details. He wants to take the subway. The Archbishop doesn't want to take subways at night. Frank won't let him call an Uber because Teddy Roosevelt didn't have a cell phone.

Anthony has a recording of the order of the hit. It turns out the guy he was talking with is the one that Jamie arrested that shot at Eddie. Danny calls Jamie and arranges for him and Joe to meet Jamie at the marina where their suspect is. There is a shootout at the docs and Jamie is shot. No time to wait and Danny and Joe get him to the hospital.

Eddie comes into the hospital in a panic. She starts yelling while Jamie is in surgery.

Everyone is at the hospital. Henry says no one can get a hold of Frank.

Frank and the Archibishop are talking about TR when they see a bunch of hooligans on bikes driving crazily in front of a police station. Frank and the Archbishop go inside and try to complain about the biker gang but the cops don't want to do anything about it unless someone is hurt. He is startled when Frank comes up to him. The cop tells Frank this is the way of the world now, to try to avoid being shot or shooting people.

Erin feels guilty about letting the shooter go. The surgeon says there is a possibility Jamie will be paralyzed. Do they want a priest? Henry says what we want is for you to fix him up.

Erin is upset. Danny tells her that when they were kids the mother insisted Erin have game night so that she could win sometimes.

Frank and the Archbishop visit a church that is closing. The Archbishop finds that a gold chalice that had been saved from Nazi Germany has been stolen. Frank wants to call it in. The Archibishop doesn't want him to. He says his flock is based in faith and calling the cops is not an act of faith. He would rather pray for the sinner. Frank no longer believes that there is a world where a parent would make a child confess to this type of crime.

Jamie is out of surgery and stable but they don't know yet if he is paralyzed or not.  Joe and Danny go after the perp.

Danny asks Joe if he's okay. Joe says he was thinking about it being eerie for them because of his dad's death. How do they keep doing the job after something like that? Danny says it is always there. Their late brother is always with them.

Anthony found Castillo's car. There is another dead body inside. Erin says the judge will allow grand jury testimony in the trial. Erin says she is thinking about Family Fun Night.

Castillo is arrested and Danny stops Joe from beating the guy up. Danny says by the book because that's what Jamie and Joe Sr. would do.

The captain checks on Eddie.  She's glad the surgery went well. If she needs anything, let her know. Eddie wants to keep them together at the 2-9. The captain says this is not a personal decision. Eddie says she needs to be the first person to know if something happens.

Erin meets Jack at a bar and tells him Jamie would be okay. He is surprised she called him. She can't let a challenge go by. He claims he let her win the first basketball game they played. She argues with him. They decide to play pinball.

Jamie is ready to be discharged. He doesn't want anyone outside the family to know he is being discharged. Everyone teases him about being the quuiet one. They take him out and Frank and the entire police force are there to salute him.

At family dinner, Frank tells the story of the Archbishop not wanting to call the police. The Archbishop is at dinner and explains. Also the gold chalice had been switched out for a cheap tin one so the loss is more spiritual. Everyone tells the Archbishop that the family will bust his chops. Except not today because Danny wants to get into heaven. Everyone is glad that Jamie is here. They ask the Archbishop to say Grace.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 1 Quotes

Baez: I'm not worried about childcare or sleepless nights. I'm worried about when she's older. How am I ever going to let her of anywhere without me in this world, especially knowing what we know?
Danny: By then we'll have a 24 hour detail on her and we'll put chips in her phone to track where she is.

Erin: We have reason to believe your client is the reason my witness hasn't shown up.
Defense attorney: And we have reason to believe your witness is a liar.