Bones Season 12 Episode 4 Review: The Price for the Past

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Horrifying. That’s the only word to describe Bones Season 12 Episode 4

Simply horrifying. 

The Rat Eaten Corpse - Bones Season 12 Episode 4

Finding a victim whose body was being eaten by rats was bad. 

Realizing that the man was Aldo Clemmons, the former priest and Army chaplain who had served with Booth and actually married Booth and Brennan, that was worse. 

But I couldn’t have fathomed what was to come. 

Because those rats hadn’t just feasted on Aldo’s corpse, they ate through to the bones while he was still very much alive. 

Jessica: I've seen a lot of things but this, for the rats to get inside of the ribs like that, it's truly horrifying.
Brennan: There's no better word for it.

No one deserves to die that way. It was truly barbaric and I'll be shocked if I don't have nightmares about it.

The fact that it was done using a torture device developed during medieval times and still used in parts of the world today just confirms that evil truly does exist. 

And that evil is coming for Booth. 

When I saw the x-ray with the bullet hole in the skull, I wondered if that could have been Booth’s handiwork. I didn’t even find it surprising when Booth recognized not only a kill of his making, but remembered the victim as well. 

But now that Bosnian general’s son is most likely hunting for Booth, and I have no doubt he’d happily take out Booth’s wife and children given the opportunity.

With that prospect looming, the remainder of Bones Season 12 could be far more frightening than I’d imagined. 

Brennan was there to console Booth when he felt guilty over the death of his friend and former comrade, but it bothered me that the two always sat so far away from one another.

Booth needed comfort and it seemed odd that Brennan wouldn’t put her arms around him in those dark moments. 

Mourning An Old Friend - Bones Season 12 Episode 4

Then there was that explosion at the abandoned recording studio…

Kudos to the special effects and stunt department. That was one heck of a scene and having the force of the blast slam Booth into the SUV, breaking its window was unique and impressive. 

Elsewhere, Aubrey tried to deal with the fact that his fugitive father could make contact with him at any time. 

I already turned him in once, so it will be even easier the second time.


For the first time, I really appreciated Jessica. I’ve never been a big fan of hers but in these moments I felt that she and Aubrey were a real couple. 

First, there was Jessica seeking Brennan’s advice as someone who had repaired her relationship with her father who had a criminal past. 

Thankfully for Brennan, Max has seemingly reformed, but I don’t expect that Aubrey will be that lucky. 

And don’t even get me started on yet another episode going by where we haven’t found out anything about Max’s possible medical condition. Are they trying to torture us?

But back to Jessica and Aubrey. 

Aubrey's Father Resurfaces - Bones

Aubrey was so very earnest and sweet as he tried to explain how he’d never leave someone he was committed to and cared about, the way his father had left him and his mother. 

To Jessica’s credit, I don’t believe she ever thought that he would, but Aubrey’s declaration made it clear how much he feels for her. 

Finally there was the Bones quote of the night…

Early exposure to e-coli bacteria is beneficial to the development of children's immune systems.


Who knew?

But now I will never view a water park without thinking "fecal matter" thanks to Brennan.

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The Price for the Past Review

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Bones Season 12 Episode 4 Quotes

Early exposure to e-coli bacteria is beneficial to the development of children's immune systems.


I already turned him in once, so it will be even easier the second time.