Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 8 Online to find out what happens when the team investigates the murder of a crossword puzzle master, and Daisy goes into labor.

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On Bones Season 10 Episode 8, Squintern Daisy Wick is back, but she isn't the Daisy that everyone remembers. She's very calm in her final weeks of pregnancy, and tells everyone what she has been learning from her doula. Angela, Cam, and Brennan are all concerned about her, thinking that her ideas on childbirth and raising a baby are unrealistic. Of course, they are also worried about how Daisy is dealing with the death of Sweets.

Meanwhile, the team investigates the remains of a famous crossword puzzle master. The investigation leads to a gambling website, which may cause a problem for Booth. And everyone learns that the victim was secretly suffering from Alzheimers as well.

Daisy goes into the labor in the middle of trying to solve the case, and she insists that all her friends be with her. Including Agent Booth, who is a bit nervous in the hospital room.

Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 8 Online now to find out more about the case of the crossword puzzle master, to see how the gambling component of the case affects Booth, and to find out whether or not Daisy and her baby are okay. This is a tearjerker that you won't want to miss!

Episode Details

On Bones, Brennan and Jeffersonian Intern Daisy Wick examine the remains of a famous crossword puzzle master in the "The Puzzler in the Pit."

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0 (45 Votes)
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