Bones Season 10 Episode 8 Review: The Puzzler in the Pit

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Oh, baby. Bones Season 10 Episode 8 certainly delivered, and in more than one sense of the word.

In "The Puzzler in the Pit," we are not only reminded of the loss of Sweets, but we also see how his death has affected Daisy. When she returns to The Jeffersonian, she seems as though she is a completely different character. The fact that Sweets' death has caused her to develop some unrealistic notions of childbirth shows that the writers put a lot of thought into how they would deal with this story line.

And her hiring of a doula makes perfect sense. When Brennan criticizes Daisy's ideas, Daisy explains that she is doing whatever she can to make it work as a single mother. And who can blame her? Having someone around to support her and help her is probably the best decision Daisy could make. Unfortunately, the doula she chooses is portrayed in such a stereotypical way that it becomes unbelievable.

But what's probably the most realistic about are all the opinions. There's something about being pregnant that makes everyone think they should give an opinion about what you are doing wrong, and that conflict shows with Daisy. Regardless of whether she chose to use a doula or stick with what's more traditionally accepted, someone would have told her she was doing it the wrong way.

From my own experience, I can say I wish I would have hired a doula. Sure, some of them may be more like Valentine, with wispy skirts and crystals and quiet voices, but that's the minority. I, like Daisy, planned to give birth without an epidural, and I was going to labor in a bath tub, use a birthing ball; the whole nine yards. But bed rest and blood pressure issues changed my plan completely, and I found myself screaming for an epidural like there was no tomorrow.

So the fact that Daisy also ditches her plan when the pain gets real rings true in a perfect way. She finally allows herself to scream during contractions (I have no idea how one could contain such pain) and she kicks the doula out of the room, demanding "shiny machines" and an epidural.

The point is, even with a perfect birth plan, there's no way to know if the plan will actually work. The writers did a nice job of portraying the idea without seeming too incredibly biased.

Along with her demand of machines and an epidural, Daisy insists all of her friends be there for the birth of her child, including Booth, who is comically squeamish about the whole thing. In fact, that's a little stereotypical too, but it works.

It's an adorable baby boy, and Brennan looks overjoyed when he is born. Cam's reaction is noteworthy too, by the way. I wonder if she's thinking of having a baby of her own?

But the best reaction is Booth's, especially when Daisy announces the baby's name. He is Seeley Lance Wick Sweets. Quite a mouthful, but perfect. Booth is the first to hold the baby after Daisy, and it is a beautiful, bittersweet moment.

What did you think of this episode, Bones Fanatics? There was a case, too, after all. Leave us a comment – we want to hear your thoughts!

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The Puzzler in the Pit Review

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