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We begin with Daisy at the Jeffersonian, and Angela and Cam are thrilled to see that she is back. Sweets is mentioned briefly, and Daisy's personality has changed quite a bit. Daisy mentions having a doula, and Angela and Cam are surprised at Daisy's new outlook.

Booth and Brennan pack up clothes and toys for Daisy's baby while they discuss the case and issues with the fracking company.

As the team examines the remains of a dead body, they realize the tissue has been degrading more quickly than it should.

The remains are that of a famous crossword puzzle master, and we also learn that Cam is quite a fan.

Angela tells Brennan she thinks Daisy is having a nervous breakdown, and they discuss Daisy having a doula.

Brennan tries to give Daisy advice, but Daisy says she's doing whatever she can to connect with the baby now that Sweets is gone.

Angela goes with Daisy to her doctor appointment, but the doula insists she stay in the waiting room.

The rest of the team continues working on the case, and they learn the victim had been assaulted before he was murdered. They also realize that the victim had Alzheimers.

The investigation points to a gambling website, and Aubrey steps in to keep Booth from getting too involved because of his gambling addiction.

Aubrey speaks with a bookie and learns that the victim was paying for his assistant to gamble rather than gambling himself.

Daisy goes into labor for an emotional end to the episode.





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