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Macy practices her Julian break-up speech in front of her sisters. 

Jordan calls Maggie and tells her need her to come get him from Idaho. Mel finds that the car that took Julian is registered to Julian's company. 

Macy goes to break up with Julian, but is interrupted when Maggie calls her. Julian invites her to his company party. 

The sisters find out that the car that took Harry belongs to Julian's company.  

Macy, Jordan, and Maggie attend the party at Julian's company, beliving they will find Harry there. Macy uses a spell to kiss Julian and steal his voice. 

Macy uses Julians' voice to break into the basement, but has to leave when gaurds appear. 

Julain reveals to Macy that when he was a kid, he saw a magical being heal two women, but it did not heal his dying sister.

Jordan uses a spell to steal Julian's Aunt's voice by drinking from her champagne glass. Jordan, Maggie, and Macy break into the basement and find magical creatures frozen in tanks, including Harry.

Abigael opens up to Mel and tells her about her mother issues. Mel admits to Abigael that she has judged her.

While trying to save Harry, Macy untintentionally starts the magical demo, stripping the power from the magical beings.



Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Macy, Julian is the bad guy.


You mean you're not some silly empath getting dragged around by her heartstrings, Like me?