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Jimmy calls out to Harry for his help, leading Harry to think Jimmy is in danger.

Macy struggles to gain control over her powers. The sisters say a spell to bring back the power of three, but it doesn't work. 

The Charmed Ones agree to help Harry find Jimmy. Harry prepares Mel in case he dies, but Mel refuses to let him believe that will happen. 

Maggie goes to see Abigael and steal the knife she needs to break the connection between Harry and Jimmy. Jordan goes with Maggie to provide a distraction. Maggie ventures to the basement to find the knife she needs and finds Parker. 

Maggies refuses to forgive Parker, but Parker helps her find the knife she needs. Abigael takes the knife from Maggie as soon as she finds it.

Macy stays home and tries to find a way to break the connection with science. Julian surprises Macy, and offers to help her. Julian is impressed with Macy's intelligence, and offers her a consulting job with his foundation. Macy tells Julian that it's not the right time.

Harry hears a ringing noise that leads him to Jimmy, who has been put back in a jar. Mel mistakenly lets the new dark force out. The dark force attempts to kill Dark Harry, but Mel stops him with her powers. Harry and Mel find a corpse and realize that someone is trying to revive dead bodies and inject them with magic. 

Macy can't figure out how to separate Harry and Jimmy, but she does figure out a way to put them back together. Harry tells Macy he's not sure what he wants to do yet. 

The sisters find out Julian's Aunt is out to destory magic. 



Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Maggie: And you? Where do you stand? With him and Julian.
Macy: I stand right here.

Look at you two trying to protect one another, so cute. Don't they make the sweetest couple, Parker?