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Celeste makes a potion to strip Harry of his mortality. She injects it into his arm.

In the Command Center, Mel is ambushed by the Perfecti. They send a magical frequency into her brain and tell her that unless she and her sisters surrender to the Tomb of Chaos before midnight, her brain will explode.

Macy and Maggie put Mel into a magically induced coma to buy them some time.

Harry and Celeste go to the Command Center to help Macy and Maggie. Celeste is able to power the Perfecti Memory Mirror. They see ancient Charmed Ones putting the Perfecti into the Tomb with the help of a Golem.

They decide to build a Golem themselves.

To animate the Golem, they need an ancient demonic password. They decide to go to Fenric the Vile for it. Instead of bringing Abigael to help, Maggie uses a glamour potion to look like Abigael.

Harry starts to have trouble breathing. His anxiety spikes through the roof, and he starts worrying about every little thing around him. He believes that nothing is safe. These are side effects of the potion.

Maggie, using Abigael's face, visits Fenric in exile. She proposes to him an exchange of the memory mirror for the translation of the ancient demonic password. But he only wants his freedom and his powers.

Maggie calls Abigael for help. She tells her she will need to trick him into believing she is freeing him and giving him his powers back.

She incepts Fenric with the feeling of power and takes the translation -- vervek -- from him. She leaves the memory mirror with him and goes back to her family.

Harry, in a panic, takes the body they made for the Golem and orbs away.

Macy, Maggie, and Celeste track Harry down to Tulipe. Macy traps him in a magical barrier.

Maggie stays behind with Harry while Macy and Celeste animate the Golem. Harry makes Maggie see that his fear stemmed from real concern.

Maggie tells Macy and Celeste after it is too late. They realize that the Perfecti altered their memories to make it look like the Charmed Ones trapped them, when, in reality, it was the opposite.

The Golem awakens.

The bloodstone, the one the Perfecti wear around their necks, controls him. So they cannot use "vervek" to defeat him.

Mel is visited by her future self. Future Mel tells her that bad things are happening in her time, and she needs Present Mel to do something for her.

Harry finds the Golem and orbs it away. The Perfecti show up and find Abigael, who is really Maggie, sobbing by Macy's apparently dead body. She tells them that the Charmed Ones defeated the Golem, but they died in the process.

The Perfecti try to put Abigael into the Tomb, but she reveals herself as Maggie. Macy takes their bloodstone. Celeste powers the protective candles, trapping the Perfecti.

Harry orbs in with the Golem. The Perfecti tell them there is another danger out there that they will need their help with.

Macy orders the Golem to put the Perfecti into the Tomb. The Golem goes there as well.

Mel wakes up.

Harry's side effects start to subside.

Mel tells Macy and Maggie about meeting her future self and that Future Mel asked her to carry her baby. Mel is now pregnant.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Hello? Fenric the Vile? It is I, your...all-powerful, oversexed Overlord.


Celeste: Stripping your mortality is not like removing your tonsils. It's experimental, and the side effects are unknown. I don't want to hurt you again.
Harry: This is different. I was forced to be a Whitelighter. I'm choosing to be an ordinary man. I'll risk anything for a real life with Macy.