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Jordan goes to Abigael's place, but she is as sick as the rest of the world's witches.

The Guardian appears to the Charmed Ones to tell them that the tree that ties its essence to all the magical world is dying. She informs them that the tree requires the greatest power -- the Source.

Macy proposes putting the Source back together and transferring its power back into the tree.

They ask Abigael to perform a demon mind meld to make the sisters remember where they each put the pieces of the Source's necklace.

Abigael performs the ritual, and they all only get pieces of information.

In London, Jimmy gets his memories back.

Jordan tells Maggie that he tracked down Abigael's sister. They head to Hilltowne to find Maggie's piece of the necklace.

Macy and Harry find the shoes from Macy's memory. Macy tracks the ash on the bottom of the shoes to an island.

Mel and Abigael video chat with Celeste for help in getting her piece of the necklace back from the future, where she believes she hid it. She transports her time watch to Mel.

Mel and Abigael go to the year 2070.

Maggie and Jordan don costumes and go to a Kappa party.

Mel finds her piece of the necklace on her mother's grave and finds her own grave right next to it. She is supposed to die that day in 2021.

Ruby visits Mel's grave.

Mel and Abigael return to 2021.

Macy finds her piece on the island.

Maggie realizes that she hid her piece of the necklace in her old music box that depicted the Kappa Crucis, not at the Kappa house. She retrieves it.

The sisters repair the necklace, and they fight over who gets to sacrifice themselves to tie the necklace to the tree. Mel grabs the necklace and goes into the tree room.

Maggie and Macy join her.

Jimmy faces off against Harry. Harry ends up killing Jimmy.

Macy, Maggie, and Mel all make it out alive, as their sacrifice was their willingness to give up their lives for magic. The magical world is healed.

The three of them and Harry try to embrace, but can't get near one another because some force keeps them apart.

Abigael reads the letter from her sister, who wants nothing to do with her. She opens up the package from her, and it's a totem that gives her power.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

At least it's more specific than sandals. What does that even mean? I hate the beach. I don't even wear open toed shoes. Why would I hide the Source there?


Maggie: Jordan, you don't have to come with me.
Jordan: Look, I can say that this is just about me trying to help another witch, break my curse, but that would be a lie. I care about you, Maggie. And your sisters. I don't want anything to happen to you.