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Jess is having nightmares about the wedding. David was sucked into the ground as they stood at the altar.

Bree and Jerry are having dinner, educator to educator, to discuss curriculum.

Jess waltzes into the kitchen to tell everyone that it's just another week like all the rest and not to panic. She's panicking.

Connor is down and worried about the future. He's not sleeping and dressing isn't high on his list of priorities.

Abby is at taekwondo class when Evan joins since he likes to try new things.

Evan moves on hitting Abby, so she wants her turn. She gives him a round about kick, knocking him to the floor.

Abby runs into Jay, and she's talking nonstop about Evan. Jay sees what she doesn't, but he still asks her out. She accepts.

Bree is at The Bridge, and Luke stops by, broom in hand.

Connor is wearing real pants and a suit jacket, impressing Mick. Mick wonders if Connor would have quit his dream job if not for him. Connor isn't sure, but it sure made it easier.

Evan has to get ready for a meeting in Reykjavik.

Evan wants three more floors on the hotel and doesn't want to use the elevator company. He both cares about money and doesn't, but he's most bothered by what he's calling a sucker kick.

They argue.

Nell calls Arthur Driscoll to wish him happy birthday. He's pleased. She wants him to open his front door. Outside, there is a basket with homemade Irish bread, birthday cards, and a balloon.

At the hotel site, they found the bow a British supply ship from the 1600s. Digging has to stop.

They can't reach Evan.

Megan is trying to sell Arthur's painting. She's getting lots of bites.

Abby asks Jay to be her plus one. He accepts.

Arthur was so impressed with the birthday card that he brings his art supplies to Abby's daughters.

Bree and Abby talk about their plus ones. Bree also wonders if people ever really change as she thinks of Jerry.

Kevin asks Luke to Jess's wedding.

Evan brings Abby an Icelandic wedding. He really wished the ship had been a pirate ship.

There's another wedding moment. I have no idea if it's real. Bree officiates. This time, David says I do, so I guess it's the real thing.

A random couple joins Kevin and Sarah at the wedding and ask them to watch their baby. Kevin is almost overcome at Sarah holding a baby.

Abby and Jay are set for a date.

Bree thinks it will be awkward having Luke at the wedding since she's got Jerry there.

Jerry apologizes for the kiss the other night. They have only a very short dance, and he's off.

Bree asks Luke to dance, but he says no. He's a little overwhelmed. She jokes, where have they been keepin' you? And then he'll dance to take the pressure off.

Jerry is still there, and he gets upset when he sees Bree and Luke dancing.

Abby and Evan spar a little more before hitting the dance floor. But then he brings up the build and the beautiful ship. It's just a shame. So, Evan is pulling out of the build.

Everyone else comes together and dances.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Abby, did you ever stop to think that maybe the new thing he's interested in is you?


Megan: You need a hug.
Connor: No, I don't. I'm not eight years old.
Megan: You don't want a hug?
Connor: I kind of want a hug.