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The mayor says that the O'Briens are the backbone of the community, and Bree is impressed. Connor says the mayor says that to all the families.

It's festival day of some sort, and Mick is helping Megan set up an art booth when a man comes forth to speak with him.

Evan thinks the town is so charming that he bought a little bungalow. Since it's not ready, he wants to stay at the Inn at Eagle Point.

Jess and Bree see Sarah coming out of the OBGYN's office, but she walks away.

That man was Dilphor's attorney. It's time for Mick and Connor to have a talk, and Connor reveals the proof he and Abby found about Dilphor's forgery.

Evan has already booked the Inn, and David thinks building the hotel is a win/win since more tourism in Chesapeake Shores is a win for everyone.

They're discussing Evan when he walks in, and Abby can't get her foot out of her mouth.

Jerry wants Bree to come up with a catchy name for her class to make it attractive. He asks her to dinner or lunch or for coffee to talk about it.

David checks his locked drawer. He runs out to chat with the paralegal, and she says that if he thinks someone is in his drawer, then he's in charge of what they find.

Luke runs into Bree in town and helps her name her class. A Novel Approach to Self.

They tease each other about Luke being a spy, and he craftily gets her number in the process.

Abby and Connor are questioning other contractors to look at their contracts with Dilphor.

The family is eating dinner, with Evan watching on. Jess feels sorry for him, but David thinks he probably wants to be alone. Except he doesn't.

Sarah gets up and leaves the table when Jess asks about her earlier appointment. Jess follows her outside, where Sarah is crying. She has endometriosis and might not be able to get pregnant, and she hasn't gotten the courage to tell Kevin. Jess doesn't want her to worry. Kevin thinks she's perfect, and one way or the other, they will find a way to fill their arms with babies.

It gets Jess to thinking, and she says it's not the end of the world if someone can't have a baby to gauge David's response.

An archeological discovery is made on hotel property, and Evan is excited about it, sharing with Abby one time a 1000-year-old skeleton was found which is now in a museum.

Megan takes Nell to see Arthur Driscoll. She finally gets inside the door. He lost contact with everyone when his wife, Elaine, died. He asks after Charlie, who has also passed. Arthur gives her a painting of a one-room schoolhouse they both remember.

Kevin and the captain are on a call when Kevin asks for .3 ml of epinephrine. Cap gets ready to deliver .6.

Jess is worried she cannot be a mother since she didn't have a mom. Bree assures her that she's got enough love to go around that she doesn't need to worry about it. Jess and David have never talked about having kids.

Kevin visits with Cap to see what's going on. Cap admits that he was stubborn and thought he could weather the storm. He's thankful that Kevin was there so that he didn't cause someone harm.

Connor stages a letter to Abby about Mick in his locked drawer. It's rather benign.

Sarah tells Kevin about her appointment, and he stands true to his wife.

Jess asks David why he's marrying her, and what if she doesn't know what she'll be like as a parent. He says they'll figure it out together. She wonders if he'd still want to marry her if she didn't want kids. He doesn't answer.

Evan doesn't like staying at his place. He is having so much fun with Abby's family. He admits he never really had a family, and Abby feels bad, but he says it made him who he is today.

When Mick is at the firm and awaiting grilling from Connor's bosses, Connor joins him at the table.

Mick's prepared, and he demands an apology in private and public. When he shows the papers, Linda pulls out the fake letter, which she wants to use against him. Connor had a notorized copy of the letter mailed to himself about coffee cake. It's great.

Connor thinks he's going to hang his own shingle in Chesapeake Shores. Connor O'Brien, Attorney-at-Law.

Sarah and Kevin visit with the doctor, who reminds them that the internet can lead them down a road of doom and gloom. They've only been trying for two months, so the doctor wants them to continue trying for another six.

Jess apologizes to David for their talk. Still, she doesn't know if she wants kids or not. David vows to deal with it regardless because he loves her.

It's time for the triathlon. Oooh! Megan is kicking ass on the bikes. Abby wins the foot race! the O'Brien women all got medals, as did the men.

Cap takes the podium. They raised enough money for a new fire truck. He announces his retirement.

Family dinner is a celebration of so many wins.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Jess: I don't know.
Bree: You don't know what?
Jess: If I want to have kids.

Evan: Hi Abby. You're quiet.
Abby: It's hard to talk with a foot in your mouth.