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Sarah lost the baby. She doesn't want anyone else to know about it because she cannot handle talking about it. Kevin promises to keep it between them.

Evan discusses Abby with Mandrake. He has a rival, though, so he wants to make a gesture that will express his feelings.

Evan hasn't driven in ages, but he wants to pick up Abby from the airport. Mandrake wants him to promise.

Abby and Mick invited everyone over for lunch. They don't know why. Then Nell gets their attention. Mick is taking a year off so that they can travel around the world.

They're met with dead silence. Only Bree responds. "Together?"

Abby thinks it's very odd that Evan is picking her up from the airport.

Connor and Bree apologize to their parents for their reaction.

Jess is outside crying. She wishes they'd gotten back together 20 years ago.

Evan has so many questions about Abby. He can't quite figure her out. He asks her out, and she declines. But he hopes she'll ruminate on it. Think about it. Sleep on it. He'd like to talk with her, not about business or old ships, jsut about life.

Abby cannot wait to tell Bree that Evan picked her up and asked her out. She's confused. He annoys her and drives her crazy, but she's still interested.

Connor, Luke, and Bree go over Luke's late appointments and the drug test. Margaret interrupts. They've got a new judge and an earlier court date.

Abby and Jay are together while he's photographing perfect moments of the year. Last year's perfect moment was Abby. Wow. That's really romantic.

Three NY art galleries have called making inquiries about Megan taking a job with them. But she's home. But an offer for Getty in LA turns her head.

Evan drops by with brownies. He even made them dairy free so that Kaitlyn can have them too.

Uncle Kirby the long-haul trucker that his mother dated taught Evan how to cook. He's pulling out all the stops.

Margaret is worried about Connor, urging him to rest. She's brought a box of ingredients for mini-smores. She wonders what they did around his family fire pit. He sings for her, and they laugh. Margaret moves in for a kiss. They like that.

Kevin visits Megan and Mick, and they can sense there's something wrong. He starts telling them as he cries, and they get excited and then feel the full weight of his despair. He needs to be with his family. Megan says they understand because they went through it.

Jess wakes up in the middle of the night and writes an email to mom. She's so excited. She finally figured out how to say what she should have said the previous day about forgiving her for leaving them for 17 years. David wants her to sleep on it.

By morning, Jess is freaking out. David thinks she was so honest that she needs to talk with Megan.

Abby and Luke find Connor at the office, unable to sleep as he worked on the case. But that bad move gives him inspiration for the case. Maybe pills that Luke took to sleep threw a false positive for amphetimines.

As Jess and Megan are talking about the email, the art dude comes by and puts a bug into Mick's ear that Megan is going to the Getty in LA.

Sarah is incensed that Kevin told his parents. She wants him to leave, but he will not.

Connor gets his doctor to got to trial with him as an expert witness.

Jay tells Abby that he might want to start something with the guidance counselor unless she is interested in something romantic.

Luke is a free man on parole who is not in prison. He's thrilled that they believed in him when nobody else did.

Mick wants Megan to seriously consider taking the job and not pass it up unless he's absolutely sure. If someone asked him to expand the Kennedy center, he'd consider it.

Megan's miscarriage was after Jess. She talks with Sarah, trying to ease her through her pain.

David's dad cleaned out David's trust fund. His dad skipped and mom doesn't know where he is. David has to fly to Boston to find out what's going on.

Sarah forgives Kevin.

Megan looks at the Getty, while Mick takes medication. He's getting addicted to opioids.

Abby isn't sure if she wants to be with anybody right now.

David comes home and tells Jess that his father fled the country. His offices are padlocked and the feds are looking at him for wire fraud and embezzlement.

Connor is burning marshmallows and nobody wants to eat them. Give them to me!!

Megan decides to take the gig for a year so that she can get six months off to travel the world. But Mick doesn't know if he can trust Megan not to leave him again.

Abby calls someone and leaves a message. She wants to try.

Margaret visits to see the real O'Brien fire pit. They kiss, and then Connor has a heart attack.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I just wonder if he's just this really sweet guy under all that oddness.


Evan: That misunderstanding got me thinking. What if it wasn't a misunderstanding.
Abby: What?
Evan: Would you go out with me?