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Connor and Margaret are starting their new venture together with a youthful gal who is making them feel old.

Evan ate a ton of pancakes to get his photo on the glutton's wall.

Abby invites Evan to a baby shower being thrown by the firefighters for Sarah and Kevin. He wants to have Mandrake get them a gift, but Abby says maybe he should do it.

Evan's DNA results arrive, and when he sees cousins, Abby points out that he might have them on his dad's side.

David is looking at documents for his father's case.

Megan and Mick are enjoying every moment of living together.

An actress named Miranda is coming to chat with Bree, who has a plan to reveal the girl's true nature.

Abby hid Sarah and Kevin's baby registry to get the best gift.

Sarah and Kevin are taking a baby appointment. She's spasming. Kevin is super excited to be right about what she's experiencing.

Miranda and Bree have similar views on mangled artistic efforts. Miranda wants to get to know Bree and her friends and family so she can better represent Bree and the story.

When Miranda orders a fruit cup with her meal instead of fries, she is ok waiting when the waitress gets it wrong.

Evan has misophonia. He's really enjoying it, but he's ignoring the fact that he's got family.

Bree needs a little more time to consider Miranda, and in the meantime, Miranda will be meeting with Bree's family.

Bree arranged to mess up Miranda's order, which impressed Bree.

A group of 1812 War reenacters is staying at the inn. David tried to make historical food, but it was inedible, so he made some changes.

Jess is still sulking about the vineyard idea and worried that the B&B might go out of business if they're just squeaking by.

Mick came home for blueprints and found the kitchen cupboards all open, so he shut them. Megan is in the midst of cooking. He used to slam them, so he considers that progress.

Miranda offers Bree pointers for her lessons. She uses the term wax on/wax off about her hand gestures, and uses ums and uhs when she's asked a question she doesn't anticipate.

Evan wants a hobby to address his anxiety. When he was a kid, he tried magic, thinking it would get him girls. Abby laughs and suggests addressing the root cause of the problem. Nope. Doesn't work.

Bree is feeling bad after how Miranda advised her. She says it while doing exactly what Miranda pointed out. Luke says, hey, maybe it's constructive criticism.

Luke has to visit someone in Frederick County, so he can only go to the shower for a while. It's his parents' graves. He does it annually on their birthdays. He wants to go alone to spend some time by himself.

David takes his dad's case to Connor and Margaret. When they learn his dad has a court appointed attorney, they exchange looks.

Jess is chatting with a reenacter, and the woman is unimpressed with some others who are sporting jeans.

Jess is worried that her hard work will go unrecognized in the long term.

Evan is attempting to do magic for Carrie and Caitlyn, and he's failing miserably until he isn't and wows them.

Abby talks with Mandrake about Evan and family, and Mandrake explains how vulnerable Evan feels when faced with family since he's been alone for so long.

Margaret is shopping for Connor's baby gifts. Everything on the list has been purchased already, and Bree needs inspiration.

The rude FBI agent visits David and thinks the documents are a last-ditch effort by his father. The trial is going ahead, and she hopes he can get a good lawyer.

David meets with Byron Steigers, who is, apparently, helping the FBI with the investigation. He says he's been in touch with her, but she says he's barking up the wrong tree since Dennis is guilty.

Byron says telling dad that David believes in him will go a long way to help.

The whole family gathers for the baby shower and a good time is had by all.

Bree decided on a box of children's books that remind her of Kevin and Sarah.

When Megan is on the phone for work, Mick walks into the kitchen and closes things again, until he hears her saying that she's in Maryland enjoying time with her family, so it will have to wait. He opens a cupboard door and leaves with a smile.

The reenactors are leaving the inn, and it went well. They'd like to stay again.

David is feeling frustrated since nobody will take his dad's case.

Evan grew up asking about his dad many times over, and his mother told him stories in return. The truth was that he just left her, and he's not sure he can open the Pandora's Box that is his father.

Mandrake says that Pandora also found hope at the bottom of her box, and it's time Evan opens his.

Evan sends Mandrake to look into his family. If they're rodeo clowns, he definitely want to know.

Kevin allows Sarah to paint his toenails, which she's been interested in after visiting the spa. She always felt she missed out on sisters growing up, so she enjoyed the time she spent with Abby, Jess, and Bree.

Kevin is going back to medical school. He wants to be a doctor.

There's a montage, which feels super end of the road.

Luke visits his parents with flowers. He's needed a family, too.

David wants Keller and O'Brien to take his father's case.

Mandrake returns with Evan's dad, who is a familiar actor...

Luke stops at a roadside store after the trip, and a man robs it at gunpoint. Luke tries to stop the terrorizing and as they grapple over the gun, it gets pointed in Luke's direction before it goes off.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Bree: Sarah's baby shower. I don't have a gift. Do you have any ideas?
Abby: Well, Kevin and Sarah do have a baby registry.
Bree: What? Why didn't you tell me this before?
Abby: Because I wanted to get the best gift.

I had no idea this much went into war reenactments.