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Luke finds a treasure at The Bridge that he takes to the Sea Side Festival. It's the most romantic day in Chesapeake Shores.

It's a fortunetelling machine. Bree christens it, getting the fortune "The love of your life is right before your eyes." Luke gets the same one. Bree is skeptical, but Luke seems disappointed she was so eager to dismiss it.

Mick calls Megan, and it's 5 am where she is. He apologizes for being jealous of Carter before. He's having a tough time going through withdrawal, but he downplays all of it, his addiction included, while talking with her.

Mandrake gives Evan a Cobb Salad, and he delivers a lesson about its origins that Evan had asked for him to share.

Evan and Abby check out the festival. He doesn't have any cash, but he wants to check out Mr. Mystic. Neither of them believes in it, but they get the same fortune, and it's awkward.

Bree and Jess are making salads, and Bree talks about their fortunes. Jess thinks it's sweet that Luke rigged the machine, but Bree overthinks it to a long extent. She thought it was pretty pushy. Jess wonders if it was a real, real fortune.

Mick is at another meeting. He has yet to share, and someone wonders if he'll be doing it soon. His name is Ralph, and he's an addict. Mick says he's not actually an addict because he caught it in time.

Ralph knows Mick is in denial and calls him out on it. Mick walks away.

Connor and Margaret are talking about him meeting her family while playing foosball. He's confident, but she's not so sure.

Abby and Kevin catch up over coffee. When he doesn't say anything, Abby guesses about the pregnancy.

Mandrake and Evan talk about the next date, and now Evan is worried about his date being too extravagant. It includes an entire restaurant, twinkly lights, two dozen bouquets, and fireworks. Mandrake thinks it's too early for fireworks.

Mick is staring at the empty prescription bottle and gives Megan a call. Carter interrupts her call and lurks in the background. Very uncool.

That conversation goes from bad to worse in a heartbeat.

Connor and Margaret arrive at her parents' house.

Mick is struggling. He gets a call and goes to the bathroom, running some water. Megan asks if he's doing OK, but she says it's hard, it's really hard. They hand up, and Mick cries, "make it stop."

Connor is wearing a hoodie with a sports coat. And then he tells a lawyer joke, and it lands with a thud. Until dad laughs, and they all laugh.

He feels right at home.

Abby and Evan head to the lonely restaurant.

Kevin hugs Sarah when he gets home. His last call was an 80-year-old man who collapsed in front of his wife. He'll be OK, but it was hard to watch. They say mushy stuff about being in love.

Kevin wants a giant beard when he retires until Sarah says she won't shave her legs.

Abby is super uncomfortable. She wants to talk about the envelope in the room. Abby hasn't spent much time on her own, which is why she feels a little off after getting that fortune. She was finally in a place where she could settle in and learn who she is when Evan came in.

Evan is the opposite of Abby. Being alone all his life, being a couple threw him. But then he thought, why can't they be two separate people together? They decide to tame the romance and start over as themselves.

Bree and Luke are noshing on salads. He's still having a difficult time finding a place and considers moving back into the halfway house. Bree doesn't want him to do that.

Bree can't lose the idea that Luke planted the fortunes. He did put the fortunes in the box, but he didn't look at them. She doesn't understand why he won't admit it, and he doesn't understand why she's doubling down on it. It's very embarrassing and awkward. Then she says that after his "joke," he asked her if he could move in with her, which he did not. She goes too far, and he leaves.

Bree even argues the point later with Jess.

Connor needs to know if he passed the Keller test. He really enjoyed his time with them, and he passed. Everyone except Gran since Connor said he liked the Orioles.

Sarah wants all the snacks at the festival. They happen upon Bree and Jess, and Bree has to apologize to Luke for her reaction. She doesn't do it right off, and he's not eager to hear her out. She admits she has trust issues, and he has them, too. But his are with people who don't trust him.

Mick finally admits he's an addict.

Evan and Abby stroll the festival, two adults just spending time together. He asks her to dance.

Two adults who dance and kiss.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Carter: Be honest. He didn't want you to come out here, did he?
Megan: He had some issues with it at first, but we worked through them.
Carter: Issues with you following your dream.
Megan: Carter, will you just stop?
Carter: So, now what? The guy has a drug problem. Is that the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with?
Megan: Alright. You have now crossed the line here, Carter. I will forget this conversation and pretend it never happened if you stop talking right now.

Carter: Megan, I know you love your kids. I really don't want to interfere with your personal life.
Megan: Then don't, Carter.
Carter: Have you really thought what it would mean for you to get back together with Mick? I mean, you left him for a reason, right?
Megan: That was a long time ago.
Carter: You think people can really change.
Megan: Yeah, I think they can. Mick is a very proud man, and the fact that he can admit he has a problem and needs help just makes me love him all the more.