Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 14 Review: Call It Paradise

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Chicago winters are a bitch.

On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 14 temperatures dropped to minus 40 throwing the City into chaos and several characters into peril.

Who would leave a baby in these icy conditions? Poor Dawson must have received the shock of her life when she saw the baby. It's a blessing the defenseless little bundle of joy is okay.

The woman who claimed to be her mother was completely sketchy from her first scene. It seemed obvious she was up to something. She was being way too nice. If it really was her child, she would have went to hell and back to make sure she got her back.

When the woman brought the apparent documents, it was confirmed she was crazy when she had a scan picture which was ripped straight from the internet. Surely if she was trying to steal a baby she would have all of her bases covered and have the supporting documents, even if she acted fast.

Hey, I'd like to go to the hospital with her. Make sure she's in good hands.


My heart skipped a beat when she pulled out a gun on Dawson, who managed to pick up on the signs that something wasn't right, especially when Tony didn't know the kid was premature. It could have all ended much worse, but when the rest of the firemen returned, Tony fled.

It looked like Casey was about to go after her. The lady did hold his ex girlfriend hostage after all. I honestly thought the two of them were making some progress when he saw how attached she was to Grace. It was so frustrating to witness him being picked up by the chick in the bar and heading home with her.

Sure, he still loves Dawson, but I can't help but wonder if seeing her with the baby freaked him out a little. Even though they are apart, Dawson will be crushed when she learns of his tryst. Also, we didn't see any of the fallout from Dawson being held at gun point. if anything, it should have made him grow even closer to her, knowing he could have lost her.

Elsewhere, with 911 down because of the weather, Mills and Brett headed out to a warehouse after hearing of an emergency on the radio. Two teenagers were taking drugs and one of them was missing inside the warehouse. It sure wasn't the best time of the year to go missing, but Brett was bad ass.

Brett knew she had to find the girl because she didn't have a jacket on. If she didn't find her, there's a good chance she would have died. We all knew the chick was going to slip, didn't we? I didn't see her being impaled, so I gasped when I saw this. It must have been very difficult to try cut her off the spike while she was suspended in the air.

Mills: Brett, where are you?
Brett: I'm here.

The captain giving Severide the job offer in arson makes me think she is feeling guilty about what happened to Dawson. Severide picked up on this straight away. I know he probably knows fires inside out because of his experience at CFD, but it seems a little premature to offer him the job. Who's to say that he and Dawson didn't just get lucky when they found the clues on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 12? Either way, he'll probably take the job and last a very short time.

At the conclusion, we saw Severide watching the video of Shay making him a cocktail. We already knew we would be seeing her because the episode credits had her listed as a guest star. I thought last week's crossover meant the end of Shay, but no the writers keep reminding us that they took her from us. Give us a break from mourning her please.

So... Papa Boden got his party. We all needed this party to brighten up our moods after witnessing the peril all of our friends at Firehouse 51 found themselves in lately. Boden wanted to get his father more treatment to save him, but he said no and decided that he liked dying on his own terms.

I was so shocked that Papa Boden passed away so soon. As far as we've been led to believe, he still had some time left. At least he and his son made peace before his passing. I wonder how this will affect Boden. He didn't really get the chance to say goodbye and that will weigh on his mind. It's going to be a rough few months for him.

"Call It Paradise" was an excellent episode. It showed us how harsh a Chicago winter can be for the firehouse. It had shocking twists that came from nowhere. What more could we ask for?

Other bits from the episode:

  • Cruz complaining about the weather, before Otis cuts in about his grandmother was hilarious. Cruz completely flipped out.
  • Brett being right about turning the key slowly. Hopefully people won't be so quick to dismiss her comments in future.
  • Does anyone actually ever pay for drinks in Molly's? You always see drinks being handed over that damn bar, but nothing in return.

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What did you think of the episode? How do you feel about Casey moving on from Dawson? Will Severide take the job? Hit the comments below with your observations.

Call It Paradise Review

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