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A young woman is found in an apartment fire and it turns out she has been raped. Dawson tries to prove that Billy is innocent, but he gets ready to take his life, which puts her in jeopardy when she stands on top of a bridge with him.

Olivia Benson shows up when she finds out that the killer was someone she put away a long time ago.

The new paramedic, Chili makes quite a stir and nobody wants to be in the same room as her, but Brett decides to take her under her wing because it wasn't so long ago that she was the new chick on the block.

Casey's job at the strip club went sour when he witnessed some dodgy dealings and Jack told him to stay away from his office. Casey tells him to shove his job and walks out of the bar.

Rice's credibility is thrown into question when Cruz and Otis notice that he was running out of the apartment fire, but they are stopped in their tracks when Severide catches wind that they are talking about him. He tells Otis to stop, or there will be a big problem between the two of them.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

I bet you'll need a hand getting those poles up, huh?


Okay, everybody listen up. Here at 51, we are together 24 hours of the day and we are indeed a family and we have been very fortunate not to have much of a turnover. So, I'm going to say this with the utmost respect, get over it.