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Marcel is getting dressed. He hesitates before putting the box away.

WIll is encouraged by some patient's response to the clinical trial. He assumes the guy is getting the medication but the doctor in charge won't tell him.

Doris is looking for Ethan, who is going to be late.

Mracel tells Nat about his hard time with the box of stuff. They have a patient to see. It's a guy who tested negative for COVID but is having trouble breathing. He has pneumonia. Nat orders antibiotics and a nebulizer treatment. She tells the guy's husband not to worry.

One of Will's patients is having issues. Ankles are very swollen and she is confused and disoriented. She thinks Will is a pastor.

Maggie tells Augie to finish his eggs while she's at work. He will be released in two weeks.

Augie calls Ben Dad. He's teaching online today. He has choose your own adventure books for Augie.

Choi seems out of it and in pain but manages to argue with Will over who should take care of the patient.

Abrams has a snarky comment about residents being incompetent before he goes into the elevator with Sharon.

Choi and Lanic are called the Trauma 2. The guy insists he is fine and has a problem with someone else, presumably the next patient who says "Mason" is after him. Apaprently the guy chased the other one into the street. He rambles about people with disguises after him. He has a ton of pills with him that he says are none of his business. Choi says he's gonna get Dr. Charles but instead goes and takes his temperature, which is 101.4 degrees.

Sharon asks how Augie is doing. Adoption is proceeding well. Here comes Mike. He is here because someone is implanting a shot he sells. Sharon tells Maggie that Mike has had a rough time with the pandemic.

Lanic notices Choi doesn't look well. Charles tells Choi that the patient is dealing with a misidentification disorder. He notices that Choie is not well..

The man with pneumonia's partner says he's the strongest person he knows and he swims 30 laps a day. He also tells Marcel that Ron is a special person. Marcel says maybe it's nothing serious. We're just covering all our bases. Don't worry. (Famous last words.)

Will has no answers for his patient nor is there is improvement. Dr. Ronnie says they have to unblind her to see if she is on the medication. Will says that will be bad for the trial. He doesn't think it's the medication and wants to find an alternate diagnosis. He has til the end of the day.

The pneumonia guy appears to have cancer. Second in two days.

Maggie sees Choi taking pills . Meanwhile Cohen insists Doris is "Mason" who won't leave him alone. Charles has a diagnosis. Ethan faints in the middle of Charles' explanation.

The team discovers Ethan had gallbladder surgery this morning. He insists it's no big deal.  Everyone is upset.

Will tells April that he is secretly analyzing Vera's blood to see if she's on the drug or not. April tries to talk him out of his latest end run around the ethics. Will insists he is protecting his patients.

Ron and his husband are given the bad news. Marcel says the good news is the tumor is small and the pneumonia allowed them to find it before it grew any more. Marcel will take him into surgery and then maybe chemo/radiation.

Cohen's tox screen is back and his daughter is here.

Charles asks the daughter about the pills. Some of them are supplements he has mixed together. they might be interacting with his meds to cause psychosis. The daughter says that Dr. Mason died a year ago of an aneurysm.

Will has found out Vera is on the medication but before he can talk to Sabrina about it, Vera crashes. She is having a seizure. Will has an idea and decides to get her a CT scan before reporting this.

Abrams is angry that Mike tried to upsell during a procedure.

Will has found a tumor in the pituitary that is causing Vera's symptoms. They do not need to unblind her or put the trial at risk.

Nat and Marcel discover more cancer in their patient.

April tells Will what they did was wrong.

Sharon talks to Mike and tells him to be more aware in the OR. Mike gets upset that Sharon isn't on his side. She tells him it's not about him. He walks off.

Charles tries to talk to Dr. Cohen who says if he doesn't get back to work Mason will get his job.  Charles tries to tell him that Mason is dead. Cohen insists Mason is out there and is shocked when Charles tells him for a third time that Mason is dead. Cohen says he has to do better. Charles asks him does he feel he's not good enough for this job? Cohen is so tired. Charles doesn't think Cohen needs to compete with anyone. Cohen starts crying.

Michael looks dejected and walks off without saying good night until Sharon makes him. Sharon thinks it would have been better for Michael to have been placed at a different hospital.

Nat and Marcel give Ron the further bad news. Aggressive cancer that has metastasized. They're afraid it won't respond to chemo. Ron wants to know how much time he has.

April tends to Ethan who doesn't care about anything except turnover numbers. Charles comes in and says Ethan is on forced work leave. Dr. Cohen is coming out but Ethan what the hell? Ethan says he has a lot of responsibility and has to work harder than anyone. Charles says Cohen said the same thing.

Sharon wants to see Maggie and Ben. Augie's biological brother has been found. The brother's family wants to meet them. The family wants to fly out to meet Augie.

Dr. Veroni comes to see Choi. He tells her he's fine. She says she gets that he's a never say die type and goes. She runs into Will outside. Will starts to say you should know... then asks her out once they are both vaccinated against COVID.

Nat tells Marcel that Ron and Tim want to get married right now and want them to be witnesses. Marcel says but it's going to hurt when Ron dies. Nat thinks it's worth it.

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Man: Why is she like this? Is it the pills you gave her?
Will: I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Doris: Have you seen Ethan?
April: He's going to be late. He said he had a personal matter to attend to.
Doris: You're joking, right?
April: No.
Doris: I mean, he's here 24/7. He doesn't have a life, so how can he have a personal matter to attend to?