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Scott and his girlfriend wake up. Scott has noticed a car outside his window. Melana thinks that it's nothing and swears no one's more careful than her.

Will and Hannah get to work at the same time. Will has her coffee maker. He didn't know where she was to give it back to her. She tells him to keep it since she's not addicted to caffeine anymore. She goes over to a woman by the trash can who is having trouble walking from the parking lot to the hospital.

The woman is 33 weeks pregnant and felt like something was off this morning. She doesn't have an OBGYN and is in transition. Hannah says there is extra fluid and the baby's abdomen looks swollen. The baby might have anemia. She wants to do further testing. She can deliver if need be.

Doris has paged Marcel. The patient passed out during a protest. A journalist informs Marcel that the guy is on a hunger strike. Luis also refuses to let Marcel tell the journalist to leave the room.

Luis is close to multi-system organ failure. Charles tells him that five weeks of a hunger strike is a real commitment. Luis is weak but tries to tell them about a recycling center that is being moved to a low-income neighborhood which will cause problems there. It's environmental racism. Charles asks him how effective he can be from a hospital bed. Luis wants to smoke because he's hungry but the doctors won't let him. He doesn't care about starving to death because change requires sacrifice.

Sharon asks for a status update. There is nothing the doctors can do if Luis doesn't agree to treatment.

Asher gives a shot to temporarily paralyze the baby. The mother says that she was told the baby might have SMA. Asher goes ahead with the test.

A patient is asking for Ethan. He is a Naval officer too. He is in a lot of pain and got a referral to Choi from the VA. As Choi is examining him, he suddenly reaches for Choi, then crashes. Choi and Archer restart his heart and intubate.

Scott sees a teenage girl named Zoey who says she fell on a wet bathroom floor. Her parents claim she has been drinking. She says she has not. She begins puking. Scott orders tests.

Archer asks Choi what he thinks is going on. Choi says his father had the same nautical star tattoo. Archer thinks Choi's father worked with Simmons. He goes and Choi calls a woman named Felicia to ask for a favor.

Lonnie shows up, but not for Charles. Luis is an ex-patient and she has come to try to help convince him to eat.

Asher gets test results. The baby is anemic. Will wonders how the baby's blood type can be O+ when the mom is AB-. She can't be his mother.

Ingrid explains she is a surrogate, or was. The couple wanted to terminate and Ingrid secretly carried to term.

Asher and Will argue about whether they have to contact the biological parents. Will thinks they have to notify legal. Asher says okay (but will she do it?)

Mindy refuses to leave so Lonnie can talk to Luis. Lonnie says that Mindy doesn't care about Luis' best interest. Luis won't listen. Dr. Charles asks to talk to Lonnie. Lonnie says Luis has been suicidal in the past and she's scared this is another suicide attempt, but Charles says even if they commit him, they can't make him eat.

Meanwhile, Zoey's blood alcohol content is .24 but she insists she didn't drink. Her parents don't believe her.

Simmons still has an elevated BP. Archer orders more drugs for him. Felicia shows up with a file. She wonders if he wants to grab a bite after work. He would. He says he thinks the patient knew his father.

The baby's parents are here. They say that Ingrid had a contract with them, Mrs. Harris is the mother, and Ingrid had no right not to terminate. Meanwhile, the baby's heart rate is elevated and the baby must be delivered now.

Ethan and Felicia look through photos, trying to find some evidence that Simmons knew his father. They find a photo of the two of them together. Felicia says your father is so young in this photo. He got older but didn't change. That makes Choi realize something. He goes to Archer and shows him a photo of the scar. The scar has changed since then. Choi thinks that Simmons has an adrenal gland tumor. Archer is skeptical but agrees to the scans that Choi wants.

Scott's father shows up and says he needs to talk to him right now. He wants to know about "this drug dealer" Melana. Scott denies being involved with her. His father knows Melana slept over. Scott says he doesn't date drug dealers and his father doesn't have to worry. Just then Zoey starts crashing. She's having a seizure. The father says she has gotten worse since she's been here.

The Harrises learn that the baby is healthy. They don't understand how that can be. No sign of SMA or any other defect. Asher says that big tech was being irresponsible to get profits and they should have had a followup amnio. Mr. Harris thinks it's a miracle.

Marcel tells Charles that Luis is near the end. Lonnie has gotten a court order to give Luis a feeding tube. Marcel says this isn't right but has no choice but to do it. He tells Luis he has no choice. Luis begs him not to.

Charles is angry that Lonnie didn't read him in. In her opinion, she has far more insight into this case because she knows the patient better.

Simmons' CT scan is back. CHoi sees a mass but Archer thinks it's inconclusive. However they get him up to surgery anyway.

The Harrises feel guilty. Sharon tells Asher to tell Ingrid they will be transferring the baby soon.

Maggie got Zoey's labs back. Her BAC is up since she's been in the hospital. Scott believes Zoey has not been drinking. He goes to talk to the family an asks Zoey if she has soaked a tampon in alcohol. She says no. He knows she is wearing a tampon. Her parents are concerned. Zoey begins crying. Maggie tells Zoey to come with her to the bathroom.

There is a tumor after all. ARcher says good win for the US Navy.

Ingrid won't give the baby up. Asher tells her it's time. Ingrid says they are taking her baby away from her. She says the Harrises didn't want the baby.Mrs. Harris comes in to talk to her even though she is not supposed to. She is so sorry for what she did, what she wanted to do. If she'd known... she will never forgive yourself. Ingrid says she wasn't brave or strong. She knew the baby was healthy but wanted the baby for himself. She finally gives the baby up and says Mrs. Harris will be a great mom.

There is a fire in the ward. Luis runs out engulfed in flames. Marcel puts out the fire and gets him to a room. Lonnie looks shocked.

Luis is intubated. 90% of his body is burned.  Mindy asks Charles if Luis can survive. Lonnie wonders how that could happen. Mindy loosened the restraints because Luis' wrists hurt. Marcel says survival is very unlikely with the burns and malnutrition. Luis begins crashing. Marcel does compressions but Luis dies. Mindy is crying. Lonnie said at least she got her story.

Zoey is ready to go home now that the tampon has been removed. Her parents will get her help. Scott is skeptical but Maggie says it's not too late to do the right thing.

Asher tells Will she ghosted him because she had to work on her sobriety, but maybe they can be friends now. Will agrees.

Charles says Mindy put her story online and the Mayor put the relocation permit on hold, so Luis got what he wanted in the end. Lonnie wonders if she did the right thing. Now she doesn't think so.  Charles hugs her.

Melana comes to see Scott. He's all she thought about. Scott is staring at her. She asks what's up. Scott says they can't do this anymore. It's not safe for her. She isn't worried. He tells her that cops saw her this morning. He doesn't want to break up but he feels he has to for her sake. She leaves all upset.

Choi comes in to check on Simmons. He gives him the photo. He isn't sure if he knows that Choi's father is gone. Simmons knows. He says Patrick was always very private but he told him a lot about Ethan. That's why he came in today.He shouldn't have, though, because Patrick never wanted Ethan to know that he and Simmons were in love.

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Journalist: Maybe you've read my coverage of the protest.
Marcel: No, I missed it. Excuse me.
Journalist: I want you to know that Luis is on Day 36 of a hunger strike and he doesn't want anything to interfere with that.

Asher:: Are you all right, ma'am?
Ingrid: I'm fine. *gasps for breath*
Will: Let us help you. We're doctors.
Ingrid: Why is the hospital parking lot always so far from the front door?