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-Jeff's post-Greendale law career did not quite pan out, leaving him broke and out of work again.

-Jeff--looking to develop a lawsuit against the school on behalf of a Greendale-educated architect, who designed a bridge that collapsed--returns to Greendale.

-But instead of finding evidence, Jeff finds himself again in the company of some former members of the Greendale 7--including Annie (who is now a pharmaceutical sales rep), Britta (who is now a bartender), and Shirley (who has been dumped by her husband yet again).

-Jeff convinces his former study groupers to form a class action lawsuit against the school for ruining their lives.

-But Jeff eventually has a change of heart, turning on evil lawyer Alan Connor (Rob Corddry), dropping the suit, and standing up for the school.

-Jeff accepts a position teaching at Greendale, and the rest of the study group crew re-enroll in classes.


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Community Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Dean Pelton here, wishing you another magic year at Greendale--ranked America's #2 community college by GreendaleCommunityCollege.com.


Repo man: Maybe you should have spent less money on special effects.
Jeff: Thanks a lot, Francis Ford Repo Man.