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The Fates now rule the world. Mona works in the Historical Sanitation Department where she helps the Fates rewrite history. Gary is a mad man on the streets.

Mona goes home and watches a television show called "Ultimate Buds," staring Zari, Behrad, and Nate. The Air Totem spits out Zari 1.0 and she inhabits Zari 2.0's body.

Zari uses the Air Totem to travel with Nate and Behrad to a different TV show, "Highcastle Abbey."

They find Constantine who is playing a butler and Astra who is a lady.

Zari tries to convince Constantine that they are stuck in a television show. He shows them his magic, but he has no memory of the Legends.

Mona gets Gary and shows him the television show.

Constantine performs a spell that takes him, Zari, Nate, Behrad, and Astra to the television show "Star Trip," where Sara and Ava are stuck. They play Gromulans and accidentally attack the spaceship Sara and Ava are on.

They save Sara and Ava and tell them that they are on a television show.

Gary and Mona break into Clotho Productions and find life threads, proving that there are people trapped in the television shows.

The Legends travel to "Mr. Parker's Cul-de-Sac."

Mona starts writing the script and makes the Legends remember who they are. They even remember both Zari's.

Charlie finds Mona and Gary and tries to undo what they've done. She uses Mr. Parker to communicate to them and sends them all back to their shows.

Constantine and Astra decide to stay in "Highcastle Abbey."

Charlie explains to Mona and Gary that she made a deal with the Fates to save the Legends by weaving them into television shows.

Mick shows up on "Star Trip" as Sara and Ava's enemy. Before he gets the chance to torpedo their ship, Charlie cancels their show.

Constantine and Astra come to their senses, and Constantine uses his magic to get them out of their show.

Zari, Nate, and Behrad rebel against the Fates in their show and inspire the masses to do the same. Charlie cancels their show.

All of the Legends have now escaped television.

Charlie separates the two Zari's to try to convince the Legends to go back to their television shows. It doesn't work, and the Legends, including the two Zari's, escape.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Behard: I'm back!
Zari: Hey, Behrad. Did you remember the gray mush like I asked?
Behrad: I got the green mush, the purple mush, the sticky mush, the slimy mush, and I forgot the gray mush.
Zari: You forgot the gray mush?
Behrad: I forgot the gray mush!

How could it be wrong? The Fates give everyone food, and shelter, and television. You don't want a world that looks like these history books, do you?