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Quahog has become crime-ridden, and that's enough to scare the Griffin family into leaving the city and moving into a farm. However, their lack of knowledge about farming threatens to leave them broke. Brian goes off to college to learn about agriculture. However, a tornado leaves the family running into their basement, and there they discover the meth lab hidden below it. After some consideration, they decide to sell it to keep their family afloat. Brian returns a month later, discovering large piles of cash with a jumpy family in a house of squalor. After they hear that Quahog has become even worse thanks to their drug-dealing, they decide to give it up and go back home.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 20 Quotes

Lois: An increase in crime? That can't be right. I haven't noticed anything like that.
Stewie: You're in the house 14 hours a day, what would you notice?

Just to put it out there, Tom Tucker is packin'. I drive a 2006 Infiniti, and I don't intend to lose it. So come and get some, punks.

Tom Tucker