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Peter and Lois get ready for a Valentine's Day dinner and Chris learns about Arthur Valentine, the Santa Claus of Valentine's Day. They decided to have a talk with him that he's not real.

Brian has nothing to do on Valentine's Day and eats a box of chocolates.

Peter and Lois tells Chris Arthur Valentine is not real. He doesn't believe them.

At the vet to get his stomach pumped Brian meets Ellie and gets his number.

At breakfast, Brian is texting Ellie. He's rereading his own texts.

Lois kills Arthur Valentine in front of Chris and he's traumatized. 

Brian goes to the art museum with Ellie.

Chris is catatonic from seeing Valentine die. Lois comes up with a plan to try to bring him back to life after Peter breaks his nose with a baseball.

Brian takes Ellie out to dinner and tries to kiss her. She tells him that she has to breed with whoever wins the next dog show. Brian runs into Stewie's room to tell him but Peter ate Stewie and Billy Joel sings about it.

Stewie gets Brian ready for the dog show. They arrive and Ellie is surprised to see them.

Chris is still catatonic when Peter shows up as Valentine and Chris tries to kill him because he thinks he's a zombie and finally Chris gets it.

Brain wins the competition and he's taken to a back room to breed with Ellie but can't perform so another dog is brought in. 

The show ends with Billy Joel and the cast singing.



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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 10 Quotes

You're stuck being a single loser. You might as well embrace it.


What's the matter, Brian? Have you fallen and can't get up?