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Peter gives an alternate history of Family Guy. It features three episodes from Family Guy from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

First up is from 1956. Peter and Chris are playing catch in the yard when an atomic test happens. Peter and fam are gathered around the radio listening to Tom Tucker.

Now they have a TV and Tucker runs a report on women working and how it'll be the end of the world. Lois got a job at a factory and Peter is upset. He demands that she quits. 

She ends up quitting after she's done making a TV for Peter but it blows up and they make a joke about the Honeymooners.

Next up the 60s. We're introduced to a young Herbert the Pervert. Meg tells her mother that Chris went to Woodstock to smoke dope.

Peter heads to Woodstock to get Chris.

Next up the 70s. Peter and Stewie make a major disparaging remark about Bruce Jenner and Wheaties.

Peter demands that Chris enlist in the military to fight in the Vietnam War.  The family goes down to the airfield to greet Quagmire and thank him for his service but spit on him.

The guys go to the new Drunken Clam with sharp shirt collars than end up slicing all sorts of people's throats. Peter tells Quagmire that Chris is shipping out in the morning and wants to know stuff. Quagmire starts telling stories about Fortunate Son and hearing it too much and how it infiltrated every aspect of his life. 

Peter takes Chris's place at military boot camp.

He starts singing a song from Jesus Christ Superstar.

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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 16 Quotes

If you want to have fun with your girl try dancing. It's fun and good for your health.


For 60 years, Sundays have meant God, football and Family Guy. And later, to a lesser degree, The Simpsons.