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Stewie bought every coin-operated pony in town. He tells Brian he invests in the stock market. Brian thinks it's stupid.

Peter is excited about a UFC fight on Saturday.

Brian picks up Stewie from preschool and gets into an accident with Consuelo. He ruins his front bumper but drives away because he doesn't have insurance so Stewie tells him he can make him money in the stock market.

The guys head over to the Clam but Jerome closes it because his mom had a stroke. He shows them a painting he has of the bar in her. Peter and the guys offer to run the bar while Jerome is away.

Stewie makes Brian two grand from the $100 he gave him to invest in stocks.

Brian is all in on the stocks.

Peter and the guys are running the Clam. Joe claims he's a mixologist but all he can make is a Rum and Coke.

Stewie tells Brian they are so successful they need to make a Fidelity commercial. Then they go on a trip to pants James Cameron while he's taking picks of the Titanic but with their robot thing, they kill him accidentally. Shocked at what they did, they leave. You can't pants a scuba suit.

At the Clam, Quagmire is having a Trivia Night and gets frustrated at everyone because they are using their phones to answer questions.

Peter brings a bull into the Clam and it destroys everything after playing "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane. Jerome calls and tells them he's coming home the next day. His prized possession is the painting. His mom died. The guys are freaked out and don't know what to do.

Brian takes Stewie to Korean, a new place he wants to invest in. They make protein shakes. Stewie is suspicious and learns that Korean's protein shakes are made out of dog meat. They have kennels full of dogs in its warehouse. Stewie is disgusted. and leaves but Brian still wants to invest in the company.

Brian and Stewie have a disagreement and break up their partnership. 

Peter and the guys take a painting class to try to recreate Jerome's mother's painting.

Brian goes back to Korean and gets locked up to be used as dog meat for the shakes. He can't get hold of Stewie before they destroy his phone. 

Peter's plan is to leave realistic puppets of themselves for Jerome to beat up. Peter left the real him in the bar and Jerome is beating him up bad.

Stewie saves Brian with Gymcata to the tune of Life is a Highway.

Brian and Stewie dance in Life is a Highway video. The OG.








Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 15 Quotes

Cleveland: Peter, that's Bruno Mars.
Peter: Bruno Mars? Who's she?
Cleveland: She's a man. And he's not even black. He's a beautiful, mixed-up tomorrow person.

Stewie, adults are allowed to say racist things because of traffic.