L - Jake - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17
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Vince walks in on Manny and Sharon having a conversation about Jake. He learns that Jake is under investigation for arson.

Bode rushes to help Gabriela, who is struggling with setting up a ladder needed to graduate.

Sharon cryptically questions Jake about what he was doing at Drake County.

The arson investigator calls a meeting and informs 42 that they are being investigated for arson. Jake is surprised to learn that he is the prime suspect and is disappointed when no one backs him up.

The team responds to a fire emergency, and Colin - who was off shift, comes in to help.

They learn that someone is stuck inside the burning house, so Gabriela is tasked with getting them out. The victim refuses to come out. They seal his room from smoke and give him an oxygen tank.

As they try to put the fire out, guns start going off, forcing them all to exit.

Bode and Jake talk, and Jake learns that Colin told the fire investigator about the time he set a fire as a kid. Jake confronts him, and Bode separates them. He talks to Colin about Colin's dad.

Bode tells Manny to look into Colin's identity because he suspects that Colin's lying.

Gabriela and Vince learn that Danny had not left the room for three years, and Jake offers to help bring him out. Colin goes in with them.

Manny learns that Colin is not who he says he is. They reveal his real identity to Vince and Sharon with the findings.

They save Danny and exit safely. Colin is arrested on coming out.

Eve gives some advice to Gabriela. Manny reveals that he is moving out of Sharon and Vince's.

Jake and Bode talk, and Jake reveals why he was at Drake County.

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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Eve: Probie?
Vince: I thought you were off shift?
Alex: I was close. I thought you could use the help.

Investigator: The department is on the hunt for a serial arsonist. And we've narrowed the search down to this department.
Eve: You think one of us is a firebug?